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Have An Egg Roll, Mr. Hummel

The song segues to the music room, where the other kids are all enjoying it while Rachel is freaking out. Mostly because Finn won't stop staring at her and dancing around her chair. And then Finn finishes and Puck volunteers to go next. He opens the music room door and a bunch of African-American, brass-toting musicians walk in. Mercedes asks what they're doing there, and Puck says that he invited his "brothers from the jazz band" to help him out. First, he left out his sisters, who are also there. Second, I thought the Glee Club quintet were all part of the jazz band? I'm so confused. Puck: "Since I shaved off my mohawk, I started seeing things differently. Last week, I joined a black church. And I recently downloaded every song Sammy Davis, Jr., ever recorded on iTunes. He was a black Jew, you know. And my inspiration." And then he starts singing "Lady is a Tramp." He's wearing black jeans, a black button-up shirt, and a black pinstripe vest. And a fedora. And he's laying down some smooth dance moves. What I'm saying is, I'll be in my bunk.

Okay, we're back. As Puck sings, Mercedes goes from freaked out to digging it. And Santana goes from digging it to giving Mercedes the stink-eye. If there was a special Emmy for stink-eye, Naya Rivera would surely win. Both for quantity and quality. Halfway through the song, Puck pulls Mercedes up to sing with him, and she really does have hints of Ella Fitzgerald in a few lines. Ads.

Hallway. People are checking Mercedes out with some admiring glances as she walks to her locker. But she's caught up short when she sees Quinn standing there. Mercedes thinks she needs to be apologizing or explaining why she's into Puck, but Quinn tells her to go for it, since it will keep Puck out of her hair. He won't stop talking about video games, and his mother won't let Quinn eat bacon. Which is relevant because that's where Quinn is living, for everyone who's been wondering since episode 13, when Finn learned that he was not the baby's father. But St. Quinn does want to make sure Mercedes is not going to be hurt by Puck, who they both realize is using her. Mercedes doesn't mind, since it just reminds her how hot she is to have a total stud wanting to use her for her popularity. She reassures Quinn that her heart is safe. Quinn: "I'm not worried about your heart. I may be okay with this, but not even Puck is going to be able to call off Santana." Mercedes flashes back to Santana glaring at her during Puck's performance and (I'm guessing) gets goosebumps.

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