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The Darkness Persists

April Rhodes Civic Pavilion. Led by Artie, the children of The New New Directions perform their entirely a cappella version of Billy Joel's "The Longest Time," and while it's a thoroughly competent rendition, to be sure, it's also as thoroughly dull as only an entirely a cappella version of Billy Joel's "The Longest Time" can be. Of note, however, are the alternately miserable and filthy looks Pretty Kitty keeps shooting at the utterly oblivious New Finn, and as I can't remember the last time they even attempted to further a storyline during one of the kiddies' big finales, I suppose I can't completely hate this number. And when it's over, everyone hoots and hollers until we finally snap to black.

Next week: Old friends are back, old flames are rekindled, old battles reignite, and really old recappers return for the evening. Yes, gentle reader, the lovely and talented LTG will be covering this season's penultimate episode, so please be on your best behavior.

Demian's wondering how "a tiny, moldy Lima storefront" dance studio can also be "up a very steep and narrow stairway." You may forward your theories on the matter to

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