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...Will's bedroom, where he and Emma have just finished watching the above on TV. "The man had angioplasty!" Will seethes. "She's telling lies!" he howls. "She's playing dirty, and she's getting away with it!" he wails, and now is the point where the unjustly underused Emma waves her placating hands around in the air and insists, "You have to play nice because if you win by fighting dirty, it's not really winning." Yeah, tell that to Karl Rove, honey. "That's what we teach our students," she reminds him, and Will finally calms down long enough for us to...

...bounce forward to the following morning, where the camera finds Sue polishing one of her many, many trophies over in her office at McKinley High. "What you're doing is appalling!" the just-appearing St. Gay Of Lima bays, and no, honey, what you're wearing is appalling -- what Sue's doing is politics. Sue pretty much tells him the same thing, and there follows a lengthy conversation on the topic, with Sue noting that St. Gay's efforts to win the impending student council election are doomed to fail because he's turned himself into a shrill, shrieking, life-sucking harpy of a killjoy over the course of the past year. Oh, I'm sorry -- my bad. What she actually notes is that St. Gay's running on a "boring" and "tired" anti-obesity platform no one's heard about before tonight. If he wants to win, she argues, St. Gay needs to find a real cause, and then "start flinging poo" at his rivals. St. Gay, of course, is outraged, and he flounces on out of there to go annoy someone else.

Meanwhile, over in the teachers' lounge, Idina approaches Will to discuss the whole splintered glee club situation, which has recently gotten a bit more complicated now that they've received confirmation their rival groups will be competing against each other in Sectionals. "We may get along, but the kids won't," he warns. Idina kindly suggests that "competition may bring out the best in them," but Will knows better, and as a result, he's expecting "World War Glee" to erupt at any moment. For whatever reason, this allows him a chance to wax nostalgic for the friendly mash-up competitions of episodes past, which in turn allows him a chance to form An Idea. "Maybe there's a way to work with all this fighting spirit," he suggests, "and get the kids to channel it into something great." "Talk to me," Idina replies, instantly intrigued, because I guess she hasn't been around long enough to know how much Will's ideas usually suck.

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