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Attack Of The Singing Bush Baby

Music room. All of the non-football Glee members (plus Kurt, whose choice between football and Glee was a foregone conclusion) are standing together and anxiously staring up at the clock as it approaches 3:30. Will joins them, and then it's 3:30 on the dot and no football players have appeared. Everyone is disappointed, but then Gaylord Weiner and Butt Munch appear (and receive hugs from Santana and Britney). And then Puck walks in. Rachel walks up to him and asks him if he's certain, since choosing Glee could mean a slushie in his face every day. Puck: "Bring it." And that gets a warm hug from Rachel. Artie asks where Finn is.

Finn is on the football field, being warmly welcomed by the team. Commercials


A hand holding a slushie stalks the hallway. As it approaches Artie, Tina, and Mercedes, we see that they're all wearing raincoats. They gasp and pull their hoods up. But the slushie tolls not for them. Instead, it approaches Rachel and Kurt (also wearing rain gear) at Kurt's locker. The hand belongs to Finn. Kurt tells him to go ahead and throw the slushie. Finn: "I really don't want to, honestly. I know how picky you are about what products you use on your face." If Kurt gets slushied, he can just imagine that he's like Joan Crawford at the beginning of Mommie Dearest. (Which reminds me, I want to put in a vote for Dianna Scarwid to be cast as Sue's sister in some future episode.) Kurt knows how much pressure Finn is under from the football team, and assumes they must be angry that Kurt chose Glee over the team. Finn: "Probably would have went over better if you didn't announce it in the showers." Mercedes and crew have arrived by this point, and she tells Finn that he had better not throw that slushie at Kurt. Rachel thinks Finn might as well, since he clearly doesn't care about the losers in Glee. Finn tells them that if he doesn't do it, the football players will kick the crap out of him. Kurt says they can't have that happening, and he takes the slushie out of Finn's hands and throws it in his own face. Kurt tells Finn, "Now get out of here. And take some time to think whether or not any of your friends on the football team would have done that for you." Finn leaves. Kurt: "Someone get me to a day spa, stat!" The day spa is the girls room.

We see some hot black and white wingtips walking along. Those wingtips are at the bottom of an awesome dark red zoot suit being worn by one Ms. Sue Sylvester. She's at the television studio with a smile on her face -- but she loses that smile when she catches Rod sucking face with his co-anchor, Andrea. He's surprised to see her, since she's not scheduled for another Sue's Corner that night. She tells her she's there to show him her zoot suit, which she had made especially for their dance competition. Rod: "But only the men wear those." Sue: "Further embarrassed." Don't be embarrassed, Sue -- the way that suit looks on you, you could single-handedly start a fashion trend that would sweep northwestern Ohio. Andrea can't believe Rod is taking Sue to the dance. But Rod is more concerned with disabusing Sue of the idea that the two of them were exclusive. Sue tells him that's the only way she rolls. Rod: "I can't be caged in, Sue. That's why I got my tiger tattoo." He asks her if they're still on for the dance. They are most certainly not. We get the return of Sue's martial drum theme as she walks away.

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