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The Princess And The Peabrain

And we cut straight to Will writing out a check for the ad. The check is made out to "Principal Figgins," by the way. Further support for my theory that Figgins is just running some scam on Will. A scam in which he protects himself from the authorities by never revealing his first name.

Music room. Kurt is playing some scales on the piano when he's assaulted by Rachel: "Kurt, I have a fantastic idea for a club that would officially make me the most involved student in the whole school. I want us to start a Gaylesball." Kurt is as mystified as the rest of us. Turns out Rachel's referring to a Gay/Lesbian Alliance. Kurt walks away without responding. And then Will enters and tells them that there will be a Glee Club photo in the 'Clap after all. The response is less than overwhelming. But, because the photo is only big enough for two people, they're going to elect two team captains to appear. The election will be held tomorrow. Commercials.

Music room. Everyone is seated in their chairs, giving Rachel some uncomfortable looks. She's oblivious, and just looks excited. The bell rings and Mercedes announces that since everybody's there, they should go ahead and vote. Rachel leaps from her chair to give her prepared election speech. But before she can begin, Mercedes nominates her, and Kurt seconds the nomination. Puck says they should just vote, since he has to hit the gym to prepare for the football picture. He hands out slips, everyone votes, and it's unanimous. Rachel is elected captain of the Glee Club. But Will wants two captains. Quinn: "Why two? We're fine with Rachel representing us in the Thunderclap by herself." Kurt: "We'd actually prefer it."

Will is in Emma's office, moaning about how the Glee Club kids are still ashamed to be in Glee Club and still see themselves as losers. I think it's more that they don't want others to see them as losers. Will feels like he just needs to talk one other kid into being co-captain. Emma: "Well, maybe you should let 'em use the captain they already elected. You know, sometimes things sound a lot different coming from a peer. Even if that peer is as annoying as Rachel." And for anyone who got their panties in a bunch over a guidance counselor talking trash about a student -- it shouldn't be a shock to learn that teachers spend a significant amount of their time together talking about the most annoying students. Just like forum moderators spend a significant amount of time talking about the most annoying posters. Being able to blow off some steam when you're not actually with the annoying kids is the key to being able to treat them professionally when you are with them. Anyway, Emma thinks the kids will all feel differently about Glee Club once they win Sectionals, and she apologizes for having to miss the competition. Will, who never misses an opportunity to stick his foot in his mouth, tells Emma that he thinks Ken scheduled the wedding for the day of Sectionals on purpose, because they "both know how he feels about our relationship." Emma gets a slightly pissed off look on her face: "I'm marrying Ken, Will. Look, I know that I've definitely given him reason in the past to be jealous, but I need you to know that I'm done with that now. Ken has a lot of flaws. He has 74 flaws as of yesterday, but you know what? He is not vindictive. He is actually a very good man. He is kind and he is great with the students here at McKinley, we have that in common. And yes, it's true, his hygiene could be a lot better, but he is absolutely full of compassion, and, well, that is why I'm marrying him." I'm not certain whether that speech was meant to convince Will or Emma that Emma is marrying Ken for the right reasons. Will apologizes for being out of line, and promises that it won't happen again before he leaves her office.

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