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I'm All Out of Faith

Smash to this evening's final performance, a suspiciously professional-looking video featuring the children of The New New Directions offering us their version of A Great Big World's "This Is The New Year," and this was also leaked long before the episode actually aired, just so you know. It's another great, big, anthemic blowout of a piece, much like last season's "We Are Young," but it feels far less organic than the others they've done in the past, what with the absurdly high level of polish on display. Of note: New Quinn will henceforth be known as "Kitty," mainly because of the exquisite amounts of shade she's hurling in Guy With Gross Hair's direction during this number; Sugar Motta must be rotting away in that unmarked mass grave with The Rosedale Mennonites because she sure as hell hasn't been anywhere near my television screen tonight; and New Finn and Not-So-Unique would make an adorable couple. No, don't laugh at that -- I'm serious. Sigh! Other than that -- and other than me wondering why they didn't hang onto this song for Regionals -- there's not a lot to say before we finally fade to black.

Next week: The Dee-VUHZ! Dee-vuhz dee-vuhz! DEE-VUZZZZZZZ!

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