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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

And, after a bit of business with the retiring Mrs. Hagberg, The Maharishi calls Frankenteen and Idiot Rachel to the stage to present the award for Teacher Of The Year. Unsurprisingly, given the morons who are presenting it, the plaque goes to Mr. Schue. Coach Sylvester offers him her warm congratulations, mainly because she's still zonked out on all those elephant hormones they've been pumping into her for the last few indeterminate number of months, but before Mr. Schue gets a chance to accept his thoroughly undeserved prize, Frankenteen and Idiot Rachel deliver a pair of entirely unnecessary speeches I'll not be bothering to transcribe.

And when they're done, the curtain behind them opens to reveal the other children of New Directions, who waste little time propelling themselves into their inevitable rendition of Queen's "We Are The Champions," and it's sort of sweet, but it's also sort of a great big mess because once they drag Mr. Schue onstage for yet another round of hugging, they sort of forget that this is supposed to be a live performance, and the soundtrack goes completely out of whack with the lip-synch. Oh, Glee. You'll never, ever change, will you?

Next week: Season finale! Season finale! Wooooooooo!

Demian had the great misfortune of sitting through a West End production of Starlight Express twenty years ago. You may forward your condolences to him at

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