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Never Been Kissed

Out on McKinley High's massive outdoor patio -- and in the middle of a heavy November rainstorm in Ohio, no less -- Puck decides to teach Artie a lesson in badassery by... busking during lunchtime. No, seriously. Can you see why I'm ignoring this subplot? In any event, Puck whips out his acoustic, and he and Artie perform a strummy version of Bob Marley's "One Love/People Get Ready," with Puck all the while silently intimidating various nerd clusters into tossing their lunch money into his guitar case. Oh, and McKinley's seldom-seen steel drum brigade makes a very special supporting appearance. God, this sucks. And in the end, Puck and Artie decide to blow the $300 they've just earned on dinner for four at BreadstiX, the other two in their party of course being Santana and Brittany -- Santana because Puck wants to get some, and Brittany because Artie's feeling guilty about how he treated her way back at the end of "Duvets." Got all that? Good. Next!

The camera goes all spinny while staring straight up into an intricately wrought skylight somewhere posh before twirling down a spiral staircase to find shady Kurt attempting to blend in with all of the shouting, smartly uniformed gentlemen now swirling about him. He's taken Puck at the latter's word, you see, and motored on over to Westerville to spy on Dalton Academy's Warblers. Flustered by all of the activity -- and sucking mightily at the whole spying thing, by the by -- Kurt stops one of the smartly uniformed gentlemen to wonder what gives with all the extremely masculine frenzy. The smartly uniformed gentleman introduces himself as "Blaine" and explains that The Warblers are throwing "an impromptu performance in the senior commons," adding that such performances "tend to shut the school down for a while." "So, wait," Kurt frowns, not quite believing what he's hearing, "the Glee Club here is kind of cool?" "The Warblers are like rock stars!" Blaine smiles, all sparkly eyed and neatly pressed and liberally scented with something fresh 'n' sensuous by Kenneth Cole, and Kurt is, of course, instantly smitten. So am I, to be honest with you, because Darren Criss sure does clean up real pretty. Shame his character had to be introduced in this decidedly sub-par episode.

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