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Never Been Kissed

Meanwhile, back in Kurt's private little exquisitely appointed gay fantasia, Blaine and two of his smartly uniformed cohorts have spirited Our Dear Mr. Hummel to another of Dalton's choice interiors for a little kaffeeklatsch over some tasteful scones and lattes, and Kurt makes the eminently understandable mistake of assuming all three of the Dalton boys are gay. The Daltonites chuckle at this for a bit before Blaine notes that while he himself actually does bat for Kurt's team, the other two gents have girlfriends. "This is not a gay school," one of the others claims despite all evidence to the contrary before explaining, "We just have a zero-tolerance harassment policy." "Everybody gets treated the same," the other one who isn't Blaine agrees, "no matter what they are -- it's pretty simple." Kurt of course bursts into tears at this, so Blaine quietly asks for a little private time with the intruder from McKinley. Once they're alone, he gets Kurt to open up about how horrible things have been for him back in Lima, with specific mention made of Karofsky for reasons which shall become clear towards the end of the episode. Well, clearer, I suppose, for those of us who already suspect that Karofsky's just another great big self-loathing closet case, what with all of the attention they've been heaping upon him thus far in this episode. Your call.

In any event, Saintly Blaine absorbs all of Kurt's many grievances and, after a thoughtful pause, he confesses he endured much the same at his old school. "It really pissed me off," he admits, "and I even complained about it to the faculty, and they were sympathetic and all, but you could just tell that nobody really cared -- it was, like, 'Hey, if you're gay, your life's just gonna be miserable! Sorry! Nothing we can do about it!'" "So, I left," Blaine shrugs, sounding more than a little wistful and disappointed in himself, "and I came here. Simple as that." "So, you have two options," he continues, perking up again as he flips the topic back onto Kurt. "You can stop blowing all of your cash on those ridiculously expensive designer clothes you wear all of one time before you wad them up into wrinkly little balls that you toss into the back of your closet and use those thousands upon thousands of dollars to transfer to Dalton already, or you can refuse to be the victim, which is easy for me to say because I have spectacularly wealthy parents who pulled me out of an obviously abusive situation and sent me to the one school on the planet where gay boys who sing show tunes get treated like rock stars."

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