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It's Magically Disgusting!

Anyway, after a lot of chatter, Frankenteen drags The Leprechaun over to the music room, where the new kid auditions for the Glee Club with another song I've never heard of before tonight, which The Leprechaun dedicates to his family back home, and wouldn't you know it? Even though there are only ninety seconds left in this episode, we still have time for a...

...MONTAGE! Now, I normally loves me a good montage, but this one seems specially designed to put me to sleep. Rachel makes googly eyes at Finn. The Leprechaun sings. Quinn is smitten. The Leprechaun sings some more. Artie, Single-T Tina, and St. Gay Of Lima try to visit with Mercedes in The Troubletones's rehearsal room, but Santana Lopez pulls Mercedes back from the door. The Leprechaun keeps singing. St. Gay Of Lima gets a supremely pissy look on his face when The Leprechaun hits a high note, because St. Gay Of Lima sucks. The goddamned Leprechaun refuses to knock it off with the fucking singing, already. And in the end -- in the very, very end -- Puck and Idina Menzel totally do it.

Are you done shrieking with revulsion? Excellent, because I've got next week's promo to cover. According to this, the upcoming episode's all about the children having sex with each other. According to everything else I've read on the subject, it's not. Is the promo telling us the truth? Or is the promo full of lies? Tune in next Tuesday to find out!

Or, you know, don't. Up to you.

Demian is never eating Lucky Charms again. You may contact him at

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