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It's Magically Disgusting!

Cut to the music room, where Single-T Tina's weeping. Again. "Y'know what, Girl Chang?" Santana interjects. "If you cry every time someone gets a hangnail, it kinda starts to lose its effect." Point to Santana. Single-T Tina tearily protests that the loss of Mercedes is not just a hangnail, thank you very much, but rather a blow from which New Directions might never recover, and generalized babbling ensues involving Puck, Mr. Schue, Quinn, Gaylord Weiner, and Artie until Rachel bubbles in from the hall to apologize for her tardiness -- she'd been hanging posters in support of her student-council campaign I'd completely forgotten about, don't you know -- and generalized babbling ensues involving a stricken and long-suffering St. Gay Of Lima, mainly, until Frankenteen lumbers to his feet to announce the cancellation of the musical. Rachel is outraged. Of course. Dreamboat Blaine takes the floor to offer a few words of wisdom that nobody wants to hear, especially Finn, and then we finally -- finally -- get to the point of this scene: Mr. Schue declares they will raise the funding for West Side Story themselves, by selling ads in the program. St. Gay finds this "a brilliant idea," and volunteers himself "to spearhead the charge," and then he mumbles his way through a line I will not be rewinding to decipher, and oh, my holy God. St. Gay's sporting a hippo-head brooch on the lapel of his Brian Fellows safari jacket, and I just can't even begin with that, so let's watch as the children break up into groups to determine who will canvass which parts of the city, and then it's over.

A little while later, Frankenteen blunders into some random classroom somewhere to find Brittany's personal cartoon cereal mascot painstakingly separating out the marshmallows from a box of that delicious product-placed breakfast cereal they mentioned earlier in the episode, and as The Leprechaun's line delivery is no more decipherable now than it was at the top of the hour, I'll be zipping through the seemingly endless scene that follows to pull out the important bits. Well, I'll try to, at any rate. For example, I would swear to you upon the lives of all I hold precious and dear that The Leprechaun introduces himself to Finn as "Roy Flanagan," and I would apparently be wrong, because Damian McGinty cannot fucking enunciate. So, you know, grain of salt for all that follows and whatnot.

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