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It's Magically Disgusting!

...The Lair Of The Maharishi to make sure Principal Figgins knows of his outrage as well. He's dragged along Lima's three funeral directors for the ride -- just go with it -- and as Will looks on, he presents Figgins with a check for the full cost of the musical, with the cash involved provided entirely by Lima's triumvirate of morticians, the last of whom admits, "I'm a big fan of the show just because there are so many deaths in it." Shudder.

And with all that taken care of, Will and Burt emerge from The Lair to confront a patiently waiting Sue, who greets them like so: "Why, if it isn't Porcelain's dad, who may or may not have a baboon heart! I thought I smelled blue collar!" Burt magnanimously lets that one slide, and informs Sue his next project will involve raising enough funds to ensure she never gets elected to anything, ever. "Hold up, there, Cheese Grits," Sue replies. "You mess with me, I will Temple Of Doom my fist through your chest and pull out your still-pumping artificial heart, which I will then hook up to my car to power us down to the lumberjack convention for some deep discounts on the Midwest's largest selection of ill-fitting flannels." So, you know. She's not pleased. Burt's all, "Bring it!" and Sue's all, "I am literally horny with fear!" and Matthew Morrison wonders how in hell he managed to get relegated to the background on a show he's supposed to be starring in, and then Sue disappears towards her office while Burt and Will vanish around an opposite corner, the better to allow the camera to focus in on...

...The Leprechaun, who gets his cell phone slapped out of his hand by some anonymous jock, and really: He shouldn't have been making private calls during school hours in the first place. He spots Brit-Brit lingering at her locker, so he fixes a broad smile on his face and heads on over to present her with her marshmallow-only box of that delicious product-placed breakfast cereal they mentioned earlier in the episode. She enthusiastically gifts him with a hug to celebrate his success in granting her first wish, then links arms with him to stroll down the hall towards their next class, filling him in on the details of her second wish as they go. "Every night," she confides, "I feed Lord Tubbington nougat and sprinkles, and then I rub his belly seven times with glitter sticks, but so far, nothing works." "You do that because...?" The Leprechaun prompts. "I want Lord Tubbington to poop candy bars!" Brit-Brit grins. "What?" she wonders when The Leprechaun remains silent. "Does everybody wish for that, or something?" The Leprechaun lightly rolls his eyes at this, then invites her out for dinner that evening. Unfortunately, Brittany already has plans, and she pecks him on the cheek before leaving him alone to...

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