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It's Magically Disgusting!

Brittany's Boudoir. The Leprechaun enters, places two unwrapped Three Musketeers bars in Lord Tubbington's litter box, and proceeds to act all innocent when the lady of the boudoir surprises him with her unexpected return. "Look!" he smiles, directing her attention downwards, and Brit-Brit's delighted to learn her second wish has come true. She then plucks a Three Musketeers bar out of the litter box and eats it. Let me put that another way, just to make my disgust clear: Brittany picks up a lumpy brown log she clearly believes to be cat shit and puts it in her mouth. It's the most disturbing thing I've ever seen on this show, and I'm including Will's morning wood in that statement. Ew!

ANY-way, Brit-Brit and The Leprechaun settle down atop her duet for a chat, and The Leprechaun lets Brit-Brit know that Santana has found out his secret. DUN! Even worse, Santana had but one wish, and as every leprechaun knows, people who wish for only one thing must have their wishes come true. Just go with it, because Brittany sure the hell is. Of course, Santana's sole wish is for Brit-Brit to relinquish New Directions in favor of the warm embrace of Idina Menzel's nurturing lady-choir so they might be together, now and for always. "Why couldn't she have just wished for Lord Tubbington to quit smoking?" Brittany sighs. Unfortunately, Santana apparently cares not about Lord Tubbington's lungs, so Brit-Brit has little choice but to quit the Glee Club.

Meanwhile, over at Hummel Tires & Lube, Will wanders in from elsewhere for a chat with St. Gay Of Lima's father, and for once, the topic of conversation is not the ever-troubled St. Gay himself. Nope, this time around, Will's dropped by to convince Burt to run against Sue in the impending primary, and the good news is, Burt's already several steps ahead of him on that one. You see, he's already had Denim Carole look into things, and while it's far too late for him to secure a place on the ballot, there's nothing stopping him from running as a write-in candidate. "Some chick in Alaska won doin' it last year," Burt points out, "and her name was way harder to spell than 'Hummel.'" Will's delighted, and immediately volunteers his dubious services as Burt's campaign manager. Alas, St. Gay has already claimed that title for himself, don't you know, so Will must settle for a supervisory position elsewhere within the organization. And with St. Gay and Will running things, Burt's sure to win, right? Right?

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