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Gleekasaurus Wrecks

Sue's office. Becky is playing the introductory xylophone notes preceding Sue's announcement over the P.A. system of the nominees for prom court. Nominees for king are a mullet-haired hockey player, Brit-Brit and Finn. Nominees for queen are some unknown, Santana and Quinn. As Quinn looks surprised by the nomination, the students listening to the announcement are aurally assaulted by the sound of someone murdering a xylophone. That someone is Becky, who's enraged that she wasn't nominated.

Music room. Rachel is (honestly) telling Finn that she's not upset that she wasn't nominated for queen, because she's aware that the entire school despises her. She's just looking forward to dancing with Finn. You guys, I think she should put her on suicide watch -- she's clearly planning to throw herself under his giant clodhoppers so that he clumsily stomps her to death. Will enters and tells them that Figgins has asked New Directions to perform at prom. Which actually only seems to please a few people. And then Brit-Brit announces the prom theme. "I was inspired by the new girl, [New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can't Be Bothered To Look Up], because she reminds me of a cave man." In keeping with the theme, Brit is planning a paleo menu. And for the sake of historical verisimilitude, she's banning hair gel. For real. She's also decided that the best way to keep the election honest is to have Santana and Quinn count the votes.

Rachel, in her third (non-leopard print) outfit of the episode, is walking down the hall when she's shocked to see that Finn and Quinn have made a joint poster to run for king and queen. She rips it off the wall, runs over to Finn's locker and starts going apeshit on him for thinking this was a good idea. He tells her that he's just trying to help out a friend -- a friend who nearly died coming to their wedding, responding to a text that one of them sent to her. Rachel just can't believe she's going to finish school the way she started it -- on the outside, looking in at Finn and Quinn and their joint popularity. Commercials.

Physical Therapy. Quinn is on the bars, and she takes a couple of small steps on her own before falling over onto the mat. Hurray! Let's tell everyone! Except, as she tells New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can't Be Bothered To Look Up, she'd like to keep it a secret until she can actually take more than a few steps on her own. Is that the Tinkling Piano of Quinn's Impending Insanity I hear? I do believe it is.

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