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Gleekasaurus Wrecks

Finn pushed Quinn's chair down the hall. They're hanging up more campaign posters. Quinn's not happy about Rachel ditching the prom, but Finn is just upset that he's not able to do more to make Rachel feel better about the crap in her life. They note that they've come full circle from when the series began. I mean, "Since they started high school." And then one of the prom committee members rounds the corner and tells Quinn how brave she is to be running for prom queen from a wheelchair. Quinn tells her that "the atrophy in my legs is a constant reminder of the slow, withering remnants of my past life. The toll can be, at time, physically and emotionally hard, knowing I may never walk again." OH MY GOD! Didn't we already go through one contractually-mandated cycle of Crazy Quinn/Sane Quinn once this season? Do we have to do it again? How many times can one character cycle from nuts to nice? If this were roller derby, she'd have lapped every other character about six times by now. As Quinn's new fan walks away, Finn points out how creepy her speech was. Quinn doesn't care, so long as she gets the votes she needs to win. Commercials.

And... it's prom. Tina and Mike enter a room filled with inflatable dinosaurs. Mike is thrilled, since he's just a little boy at heart. And then Brit's up on stage, dressed like Pebbles, if Pebbles grew up to be pole dancer, singing Ke$ha's "Dinosaur." Her backup Cheerios are wearing dinosaur heads.

Sue serves Finn some punch. He tells her he's looking for Quinn, and she advises he check the ladies room. So he does -- and fins Quinn standing at the sink, checking her makeup. She tries to claim she's just now taking her first steps, but even Finn Hudson's not stupid enough to believe that. He's furious with her for lying. She claims that she just wanted it to be a surprise when she walks onto the stage to accept her crown. Finn can't believe that he let sympathy for Crazy Quinn interfere in his relationship with Rachel. He's about to leave to go to the anti-prom, when she throws out some bizarre rule making it "mandatory" for the nominees to have at least one dance together before the winners are announced. That makes no sense. And even if it were true, couldn't she just dance with Brit or Hockey Hair? She begs Finn to stay, but we cut away before we learn his answer.

Red Rooster Express Suites. Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Puck and Becky enter a drab looking hotel room. There's a palpable lack of excitement in the air as Rachel declares the anti-prom to have started. The only person who seems excited is Becky, and that's because she's noticed the mini-bar. After ten seconds exploring the room, Puck asks what they should do. Becky's full of ideas -- she thinks they should play strip poker. And she carefully packed what looks to be an awful lot of condoms. Kurt reminds her that he and Blaine are gay. Becky tells him, "Never stopped me before," complete with cheesy finger guns. Becky wants to get wasted; Blaine wants to turn on the TV and find Bravo; Puck wants to turn on the TV and find the porn; Rachel suggests a fashion show. First, huh? A fashion show? Everybody else in the room has the same reaction to this bizarre idea, but Rachel just wants a chance to show off the prom dress she bought, which is out in her car. Second, did not one of these losers think to bring some music to this party? Becky correctly declares it the Worst Anti-Prom Ever.

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