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Gleekasaurus Wrecks

Anti-prom. Seems Puck took Becky up on her offer. She's quite the shark -- she's got him down to one sock and his underwear, and she hasn't lost anything. He asks her if she could lay off winning every hand, but she's too mad about not being nominated for prom queen to be anything but cutthroat. That gives Puck an idea. He puts on his clothes, and then uses a knife to cut two crowns out of six-pack cartons. And then he and Becky crown themselves King and Queen of the anti-prom. She's really happy, so they decide to leave the anti-prom while they're ahead. Commercials.

School hallway. Quinn rolls up to Rachel, who texted her. Rachel wants to apologize for being such a jerk about Finn campaigning with Quinn. It was all about her feeling of insecurity and the way she's envied Quinn as long as they've known each other. But the one accomplishment she'll look back on in high school is that she became friends with Quinn. Santana walks up behind them with two ballot boxes in her hand -- it's time for Quinn and her to count the votes.

There's some stupid bit of business involving Sue, Tina and the punch bowl, and then Sue hears people whistling and cheering. They're cheering the arrival of the King and Queen of the anti-prom. Becky's got a perfect royal wave, and her voice-over tells us how happy she is. And then she distracts Sue so that Puck can spike the punch.

Generic classroom. Santana and Quinn are counting the votes. Brit only got four votes for king, so Santana doesn't want to be queen anymore, which is good, because they both agree that Quinn won by one vote. Quinn realizes that she just got what she always wanted, and she just doesn't care. She tells Santana that the two of them "have really had the dream high school careers." Really? Between the two of them, they've got one high school pregnancy, one being kicked out by parents, one being outed on local TV, and one being disowned by her grandmother. Plus, they were both intimate with Finn Hudson. That's a dream career? Quinn thinks she'd like to finish her dream high school career having made a difference. Commercials.

Blaine re-enters the prom. His de-gelled hair is about six inches tall. He looks like a lesbian math teacher. (Okay, maybe he just looks like my lesbian math teacher.) Brit, after being told that the kid with the giant afro is not a new student, gives him special dispensation to wear gel so people won't turn to stone when they look at him. Blaine wants to run off to re-gel himself, but Kurt tells him he's happy to finally see the real Blaine, "and I want everyone here to know just how proud I am of my brave, handsome, bushy-haired boyfriend."

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