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You Call That a Prom?

Blaine catches up to a crying Kurt in the hallway and gets him to stop. Kurt is feeling completely humiliated. He really thought that things were fine because nobody was harassing him, but it turns out that students just found a quieter way to display their hatred.

While that conversation is going on, Rachel follows Quinn into the girls' bathroom. Rachel wants Quinn to calm down, whereas Quinn pretty much wants Rachel to die. She blames Rachel for her loss, on the theory that everybody can tell that Finn is still in love with Rachel, which caused them to vote for somebody else for prom queen. Rachel denies it, so Quinn slaps the crap out of her. And then Quinn wimps out by apologizing.

And in another room, Brit tries to comfort a crying Santana. Santana: "Just because I have everybody doesn't mean they have to hate me too." Brit thinks it's just a stupid crown, but Santana wanted one night where she's not an outsider.

And then we go to a ton of split screen action. Kurt doesn't want to go back in the gym, and Quinn doesn't want to stay enrolled at McKinley. Meanwhile, Santana plans to stay in New York after Nationals to "live in a lesbian colony. Or Tribeca."

Blaine, with his long and bendy legs, is sitting on the floor and leaning against a locker while Kurt paces. Blaine's trying to get Kurt to make up his mind to do something -- leave, go back in the gym, sit on the floor. But Kurt thinks that leaving would rob Blaine of his chance at redemption after being beat up at his own dance, and make Kurt scared of school dances himself. So that's when Kurt decides to go back into the gym and accept the crown. "I'm going to show them that if they are yelling at me or whispering behind my back, they can't touch me. They can't touch us, or what we have."

Girls' room. Rachel's not really upset about being slapped, as she can appreciate a good dramatic gesture. Quinn brings out the "I'm a pretty girl who is doomed to a life of mediocrity after high school" card, but Rachel trumps it with the "you're more than just your looks" card.

Meanwhile, Santana does some pacing of her own. She's decided that the students didn't vote for her because they realized she's a lesbian. "Do I smell like a golf course?" Brit, who is wearing the tiniest little hat, thinks that it's not that they know that she's a lesbian -- it's just that they know she's not being herself. "If you embraced all the awesomeness that you are, you would have won." Brit knows that because she voted for Santana herself. Like that's a big revelation. Santana doesn't know what to do next. Brit: "Go back out there and be there for Kurt. This is going to be a lot harder for him than it is for you."

In their own private corridor, Kurt is kneeling in front of Blaine, who stands up, offers him his hand, and pulls him to his feet.

In Sue's office, she tells Artie that since it's 10:00, his prom is over. The prom ends at 10:00? What kind of namby pamby school is this? Anyway, Artie refuses to finger his accomplice. He also tells Sue that all he did was put some lemonade in the punch, because he wasn't really interested in getting everybody drunk. Gaaaaah! Why didn't he just tell her that at the beginning? She kicks him out of her office: "You should be ashamed of yourself. You are seriously no fun to interrogate or almost torture."

Gym. Kurt enters the room, in which everyone is just standing around doing nothing. He mounts the stage and accepts the crown. It's a good thing they got a big crown for the queen instead of some dainty tiara. And then Kurt tells them all, "Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton." And then everyone starts cheering. This plot was a lot better when they did it one year ago on Ugly Betty. Which makes me wonder, is there anyway that Marc St. James could be the older cousin of Jesse St. James? He could come to McKinley to teach journalism, or fashion, or fabulousness. Anyway, Figgins announces the traditional first dance between king and queen as Santana and Mercedes start singing the beginning of ABBA's "Dancing Queen." Kurt mutters to Karofsky that this is his chance to come out. But Dave can't do that, and runs away. So Blaine joins Kurt, and they dance, and soon everybody is dancing. Hurrah!

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