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Music room. Will writes "Nationals" on the white board. Wait, I thought that wasn't until the second hour of tonight's extravaganza. Are they actually going to start work an entire episode before the competition? Is that even allowed? Will and Sue give them a rundown of the songs they'll sing, including a big group vintage number, a solo for Rachel, and a number from the TroubleTones. Sue indicates that said TT number will feature Porcelina. Kurt: "Not gonna happen, Dragon Lady." Sue tells them that they'll be performing Irene Cara's "Flashdance What a Feeling." To that end, she has them each look under their seat, where they find boxes filled with Flashdance-appropriate props (primarily welding masks and leg warmers). Sue thinks that the ticket to winning Nationals is to make a big splash using lots of props. The kids are dubious, but Will decides he'd rather follow the lead of the one person in the room who has actually won multiple national titles. He tells them that if they're not willing to work their butts off, they should leave. So Tina does just that. Not because she's unwilling to work, but because she's sick of every solo automatically going to Rachel. She tells Will and Sue that they may want props on stage, but she's sick of being one. Sue calls her "Asian Number One," and Tina shouts out "My name is Tina! Tina Cohen-Chang!"


Mike Chang follows her out into the hallway and tells her she's being selfish. She points out that Rachel complains about not getting enough solos and nobody ever calls her selfish. Except, I guess, for all the people who do. But maybe the people on the Internet just don't count. Mike tells her that it's the seniors' time to shine, and that he's disappointed in her. Oh, whatever, Asian Number Two. And now it's Rachel's turn to run out to the hallway. She's there to offer Tina $50 to just shut up. Because she's desperate for a solo at Nationals to impress Madame Thibodeaux. Tina tells her that she's sick of swaying in the background while everybody else sings solos. I guess the show's hoping we'll all forget the fact that Tina carried most of "ABC" at Sectionals, pretty much single-handedly assuring New Directions of victory over the TroubleTones? And then Rachel starts talking about how hard it is to be her, because she works non-stop around the clock to keep herself in top competitive singing condition. She tells Tina that she'll have her own chance to shine next year. Tina: "All I want is for one moment to feel like you. To be up on stage and get one of those standing ovations you're so used to getting." Again, didn't she get a standing O at Sectionals?

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