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Hit Her Again!

Auditorium. Rachel is doing vocal exercises at the piano when Tina enters. She asks Rachel if she's heard from Carmen Thibodeaux yet. Rachel hasn't. I'm just surprised she hasn't heard from Madame Thibodeaux's attorneys yet. Rachel is ready to give up, since calls and e-mails have produced not results. Tina suggests driving to see her, since that's the advice "Tina" gave "Rachel" in her fantasy sequence. Best of all, Madame Thibodeaux is teaching a master class at Oberlin, so she's within easy stalking range. Rachel thinks that "Rachel" gave some good advice, and then takes Tina up on her offer to drive.

Music room. Sue thinks that since Porcelain is being so stubborn, they're going to have to up their prop game. So she's ordered some little people for them to dance with. Because we all remember how pivotal those little people were to the plot of Flashdance. And then Puck walks in wearing a dress, combat boots and a blonde wig. The varied reactions are priceless. Sugar: "Hello." Mercedes: "My eyes are burning." Sam: "Look at those legs." Santana: "I am strangely turned on right now." Puck tells them that if Kurt's not willing to do drag to win, he'll step up to the plate. Sue seems to seriously contemplate making a waxing appointment for Puck before Will calls an end to the whole ordeal. He appreciates Sue's help, but thinks they have to stay true to themselves. Will tells Puck to go change. Artie: "You can't unsee something like that."

Puck's at his locker when he's approached by Rick the Stick, sometimes also known as Hockey Hair, or The Mullet. He's there to bust on Puck for the drag. Puck's not having it, and calls Rick a loser. Rick thinks the fact that he's going to college to play hockey while Puck won't graduate at all is a fairly good defense against being called a loser. In fact, he calls Puck a Lima Loser. Puck throws him against the lockers, but Rick's two goons are there to pull Puck off of Rick. Rick tells Puck that if he wants to fight, they can do it after school, out by the dumpster into which Puck once dumped so many dweebs. Commercials.

Car ride to Oberlin. They chat about Rachel's wedding plans and Nationals, and the fact that most adults live lives of quiet desperation. And Tina asks Rachel if the two of them can sing one song together before graduation.

Dumpster... area. Where they keep the dumpsters. A small crowd has gathered to watch Rick and Puck fight. They engage in some trash talk, and then start fighting. And it's pretty brutal. It's also a symbolic clash of two bad hairstyles. In the end, Rick wins, and his cronies dump Puck into the dumpster. But as the kids chant "loser" at Puck, he climbs out of the dumpster and pulls out a knife. Rick starts to freak out, but he's saved when Coach Beiste arrives and breaks up the fight. She takes the knife from Puck and sends everyone else away.

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