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Hit Her Again!

Cooter Cottage. Coach Beiste enters to find Cooter sitting at the dining room table with a couple of pizzas. He's all apologetic about the screaming we saw earlier, and blames it on stress from work. And he promises not to lose his temper again. The whole time he's blathering on, Shannon is just looking at him, stone-faced. And then she puts Puck's prop knife down on the table. He asks her if she's going to stab him. Beiste: "Not with that one. It's fake. Maybe with the big knife in the kitchen. The one I've been sleeping with at night under my pillow." He asks her how they let it get so out of hand. Beiste: "I'm out. I got shame about what happened between us, but I leave that here with my ring, and with you." He begs her to stay, telling her that she can't hate him more than he hates himself. Beiste: "I don't hate you! That's the awful part of it. I love you! But what does that say about what I think of me?" She puts her ring down on the table, and he loses it, shoving the food and dishes down onto the floor. He asks her, "Who's gonna love you the way I loved you, Shannon? Who's gonna love you now?" Coach Beiste: "Me." And then that badass walks out the door.

Auditorium. Puck is singing Taylor Swift's "Mean," accompanying himself on his own guitar. After a verse or so, Coach Beiste joins him. After they finish a really lovely duet, she asks why he's singing on his own. He tells her he's trying out a song for Nationals: "Gotta win something." She tells him he may have already won. Wait, is the Prize Patrol waiting out back? Do they have a giant check for Puck? No, actually, it's that she convinced his geography teacher to give him a chance to take his test again. Puck was certain she hated him, but Beiste tells him that the geography teacher hated his attitude, but she was impressed that he was willing to wear a dress to help his team win. He asks why the Beiste would go out of his way to help him. She tells him that he'll never know how much he helped her: "You are loved, Punkin. You are not alone." More commercials, just in time for another face-rinsing.

The music room has been turned into the costume-sewing room. Isn't there a home ec room with sewing machines already in it they could have used? Tina, Sugar, the Leprechaun and New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can't Be Bothered To Look Up are sewing costumes. Sugar thinks it sucks that they got stuck on costume committee, and New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can't Be Bothered To Look Up says that Quinn told him it's because the newbies have to pay their dues. Sugar's not impressed with that logic. She's sewing Rachel's dress, and thinks Rachel should have to sew her own dress. Tina tells her that Rachel's probably practicing her songs until her vocal chords bleed... wait, is that a real thing? No, don't tell me if it is. And please don't send me pictures. Anyway, Tina thinks none of them would be going to Nationals if it weren't for Rachel's dedication (not to mention Tina's singing on "ABC," even though we're supposed to have forgotten that ever happened). Also, she points out that she's sewing Sugar's gown, and she's happy to do it. Eh, I prefer Angry Tina or Vampire Tina to Doormat Tina.

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