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Sue's To Blame!

She tells Will, "I'm having so much fun, I don't even notice." Now it looks like Will has started to clench up a little, as he takes a very angry, very jealous bite out of his cookie. As Emma tells Will her plans to dress up for Halloween and go trick-or-treating even though other people have touched all the candy, we get Will's jealous V.O. telling us that Hot Dentist Carl "is making her better," which means "he's winning." This episode really is like Rocky Horror, because I just yelled out "asshole" at my television. Will cuts off Emma to point out what an amazing coincidence it is that she mentioned Rocky Horror, since he had just decided one week ago to have the Glee Club put it on as the school musical. Will: "Who knew that Rocky Horror was so important to both of us?" But you know what's not important to both of them? That's right, professionalism. Emma reminds Will that Rocky Horror is kind of overly sexy for a high school cast and audience. Will, who has clearly not thought about that, tells her that he'll make some edits. Emma: "I'm thinking you're going to have to edit the whole thing out if you're going to get Sue and Figgins to sign off on it." Even though her sandwich is only half eaten, Emma leaves, clearly eager to get away from the sad and pathetic man that Will has become. Black-and-orange Halloween title card.

Music room. Kurt asks Brit-Brit what she's going to be for Halloween. Brit: "A peanut allergy." There's no chance for Kurt to follow up on that koan, as Will walks in and tells them, "this week's musical lesson isn't really a lesson." Is it ever? Instead, it's just a musical. Rachel immediately starts praying, "please be Evita, please be Evita, please be Evita," but her prayers are in vain -- the show is Rocky Horror. A number of the kids seem to actually know what that is and to be happy. Rachel and Kurt both point out that the sexual nature of the show is sure to raise a firestorm. Will tells them that he thinks the point of the arts is "pushing boundaries." And he has permission slips they have to get signed by their parents before they can perform in his bowdlerized version of the show. He offers further temptation by telling them that they'll charge admission and use the money to pay for transportation to Nationals. Which come after Sectionals and Regionals, which they really should be thinking about, but I guess those are the kinds of details you just don't have to worry about when you're the fourth place team from the Midwest Regionals.

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