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Sue's To Blame!

Will follows Sue into the hallway. He thinks she's there to bust him, and at first it seems like she is. But she tells him that she thinks pushing boundaries is important, and she wants the show to go forward. She even wants to be involved. Will invites her to play the role of the criminologist. She agrees to take the role, and mentions rewrites. Will is confused (of course). Sue: "It says right here in my contract that I get final script approval. And I wouldn't fight it, Will. I'm a notary public."

It's the locker room set, redressed as a weight room. Sam is doing some... exercise, on a machine where Finn is lamely trying to do the same exercise. Sam recites his insanely strict diet to Finn, who can't believe that the listed items are all he eats. Sam: "Ain't no carpool lane to sexy." And the lifts his shirt just to show us what sexy looks like. Artie's in the corner doing bicep curls, and he gives Sam a "damn straight." Finn notes that he used to not care how he looked, and he wonders when guys started to become obsessed with their appearance. Artie blames internet porn, since women could now get porn easily. As a result, their brain chemistry was altered so that they think like men. Finn asks Sam if it doesn't get exhausting to be so obsessed with food and exercise. Sam: "Naw. I mean, if I miss a workout or eat a hot dog, I hate myself for a few days." But he's resigned himself to having to look super hot to keep his job on a show watched by women and gay men... I mean, to be cool and seal the deal with Quinn. Sam and Artie both think that if Finn looks like the Pillsbury Doughboy on stage, his popularity will plummet. Since that's a semi-monthly occurrence, I figured he'd be used to it by now.

Emma's office. She is precisely measuring the location of every item on her desk while Will tells her that he thinks maybe Sue's been a bully because she just really wants to be included in the world of the arts. Emma gets a look on her face that makes me think she's starting to understand how very stupid Will is. And then he asks Emma to be the costume designer for the show, and she goes from dubious to excited in half a second. I don't care if Emma is the costume designer --- Sue's still to blame. Will mentions that they'll have to spend a lot of time together, and Emma tells him it's a dream come true. By which she means the costume designing, not the spending time with him. And then Mike Chang sticks his head into Emma's office and tells Will that his parents are making him pull out of the show due to their own unaddressed transphobia.

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