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Sue's To Blame!

I just have to say, dangling the prospect of seeing Mike Chang in Frank-n-Furter's bustier and fishnets and then snatching it away? Not cool, show. Not cool.

Sue's office. Sue, dressed in a red tracksuit with white stripes and a stop watch, tells Becky, also dressed in a red tracksuit with white stripes and a stop watch, "That is the best Halloween costume I've ever seen." There's just one detail missing -- Sue hands Becky her bullhorn and tells her, "Go scream at some fatties." And then she brags about her expectations of winning a local Emmy, to which Becky gives her two thumbs up. Becky leaves and Will enters. He's there to tell Sue that they've lost their Frank-n-Furter and have no replacement, so the show is cancelled. Over the commercial break, Sue will think of some step that can save her precious local Emmy.

Emma's office. Emma and Hot Dentist Carl are looking at the pieces of his Frank-n-Furter Halloween costume. I'll forgive them for the Mike Chang debacle if we get to see Hot Dentist Carl dressed as Frank-n-Furter. Sue (in a different tracksuit) walks by and is outraged when she sees Hot Dentist Carl holding the bustier and panties up against his body. Sue tells them to take their sex games out of the school. Sue: "I should have known. People who dress like librarians? All sex addicts." But that's just because librarians are all sex addicts. Emma and Hot Dentist Carl explain that it's all for Halloween. When Sue hears that Hot Dentist Carl knows all the Rocky Horror songs and can sing, she pretends to have a pain in her chest. Which is just her way of spinning a line about how she's heartbroken that the school provides insufficient support for the arts, which somehow leads to Sue claiming that 70% of all of the teeth at McKinley High are wooden. Hot Dentist Carl asks what he can do to help, and Sue gives him an appraising look.

Music room. Emma, Hot Dentist Carl, and Sue are there. They've clearly just made some kind of proposal to Will, but he doesn't understand it. Hot Dentist Carl tries simpler words: "Well, you guys have a hole to fill, and I'm just trying to help fill it." Santana (sitting in the background): "Wanky!" Emma: "Santana!" Will tells Hot Dentist Carl that he'd have to try out. Just like everybody else. So he sings "Whatever Happened to Saturday Night," (which is not called "Hot Patootie," internet). He's no Meatloaf, but he's not bad. And the kids get into it and start dancing around, all while Will looks deeply upset that his plans are being foiled. (And for those who are interested, when all the kids pair up to dance together, Brit and Santana pick each other.) Everyone (except Will) is clapping at the end, but Sue's not happy: "For this musical to continue, we need a Frank-n-Furter, not Eddie. Eddie was eliminated in my rewrites." Will grasps at this straw and challenges Hot Dentist Carl to sing a Frank-n-Furter song. But Hot Dentist Carl thinks that while it's fine to wear Frank's bustier in the privacy of his own home (a thought that makes Emma's eyes glow), he thinks it would be pretty inappropriate for him to wear it on a high school stage.

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