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Hall. Rachel spots Lady Lips lumbering towards her in a too-short, too-tight jacket that features a garish, block-print ivy-patterned design running up the back, and she immediately scurries over to confront Kurt at the latter's locker. That jacket, you see, is actually his, which makes her all the more certain the two have been meeting at that no-tell motel for a little hanky-panky. Kurt airily refuses even to entertain Rachel's suspicions and, after condescending a few Fleetwood Mac-related observations in her general direction, he floats off towards his next class. Rachel fumes.

That evening, Rachel and Finn are once again staking out The Cabin Of Sin, and I know they're blathering at each other about Quinn and Lady Lips and whatnot, but I'm too distracted by "The Chain" playing softly underneath it all to pay much attention to them. God, maybe I like Fleetwood Mac a hell of a lot more than I thought I did. That's kind of scary. Or, you know, these two dolts are simply SO FUCKING BORING AT THIS POINT that I'll go chasing after any distraction at all as long as it helps me through the scene. Your choice. In any event, Quinn eventually emerges from The Cabin Of Sin, followed presently by Lady Lips, and as the two hug their goodbyes, Frankenslut's jaw hits the floor in shock while crafty Rachel moves in to offer him a comforting hug. Next!

Back at school the following morning, Brittany places a tape recorder on Mr. Schue's desk and thanks him for agreeing to be her first-ever interview for The Muckraker. Question one? "Boxers or briefs?" Mr. Schue looks somewhat unpleasantly surprised by this, but he plays along anyway, answering, "Boxers." Question two? "Pantyhose or lace panties?" "I...I just said boxers," Mr. Schue stammers. "Yeah, well, that wasn't one of the choices," Brittany retorts, all ice all of a sudden, "so I'll just write that you refuse to answer the question." Needless to say, it all goes downhill from there, with Brit-Brit racing through a series of increasingly insulting and potentially libelous questions until Mr. Schue gets her to admit that Sue put her up to all of this.

Smash cut to Sue leading another meeting of The Muckraker's staff, and as what she has to say at this point has little bearing on the episode as whole, I'll be skipping ahead to the bit where Will arrives from points unknown to confront her, and long story short, he demands to know why she's spreading rumors that he's leaving the school to shepherd Crossrhodes to Broadway. By way of reply, Sue deviously suggests that perhaps Will does have the talent to make it as a performer in New York, and she advises him not to dismiss the possibility so quickly. "Look at it this way," she shrugs after playfully tweaking him on his chin butt, "you'll finally be rid of me!" With that, she vanishes into the hallway while a visibly perturbed Will vanishes into the next commercial break.

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