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A Hard Pill to Swallow

...the relevant meeting of the club in question, whose all-female members include Single-T Tina, Sugar Motta, Dottie Kazatori, Becky Jackson, that intriguing mute Cheerio with the neck brace and erstwhile Old Puck main squeeze Lauren Zizes, who I guess is still enrolled even though we haven't seen her in a year and a half. Shouldn't she have graduated already? In any event, the assembled ladies bemoan their nonexistent love lives for a bit, and I especially don't care about that crap this time around because they all seem especially eager to cast themselves as passive victims here for whatever asinine reason, so it's back to...

...the present, where Single-T Tina promptly puts her proposal to a vote, winning easily with the support of most of those present. Dreamboat Blaine, bless him, clearly has issues with all of this retrograde heteronormative bullshit, but before he gets a chance to voice his objections, this evening's title card sneaks up to slap the bronzer clean off his face.

Fake Drama School in New York. St. Gay Of Lima, who's wearing a $325 hoodie enters what appears to be The Temporarily Sober Dance Division to offer us all a voiceover regarding his initial impressions of college life, and to his evident disappointment, "It's just like high school." As the new boy in town, he's found himself once again at the bottom of the social pyramid, and while he assumed that he and Old Idiot Rachel "would be as inseparable as the twins in Side Show, "she's always rushing off to help Brody with something that requires him to be shirtless." By now, the camera's led us over to the interior of Fake Drama School in New York's student union building and as St. Gay trails along behind her, the hyperactive Horrible Hooker Of Broadway herself babbles something about Dean Geyer's impending audition for Magic Mike: The Musical before vanishing, leaving St. Gay alone to peruse the handy extracurriculars board in search of his primary storyline for this evening. He briefly ponders the relative benefits of joining such student-run associations as "The Elizabethan Society" and "The Grand Guignol Club" before he catches sight of a brilliantly colored flyer and wonders aloud, "What's 'Adam's Apples'?" A British-sounding blur sweeps past to claim it's the "super-fun NYADA show choir" and with that, we take our temporary leave of St. Gay to return to...

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