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"I'm Sick Of Guys Who Ain't Got Their Shit Together."

Meanwhile, out in the hall, St. Gay Of Lima chit-chats with Mercedes about her college options for a bit until their conversation's interrupted by a party-sized young gentleman sporting an absolutely tragic grey sweater-vest and oh, my holy god, this kid suh-huuuuucks with the acting, so I'm gonna keep this brief: The portly pepperpot is "Wade Adams," portrayed by yet another reject from that reality show I didn't watch and he's a member of Carmel High's Vocal Adrenaline who's come to McKinley to seek out a bit of advice from his two heroes, Mercedes and St. Gay, because Mr. Adams is an extra-special snowflake who feels he can't thrive under the supposedly harsh tutelage of Jesse St. James. After we zip through a delightful and far-too-brief sideways smear of Jesse St. James in action back at Carmel, the three children retire to an unused classroom so we might learn a bit more about this character no one asked for and no one cares about. Long story short, Wade Adams is actually a baby transgender named "Unique," a moniker I choose to believe is deeply ironic, because no honey... you're not. At all. In any event, Unique would like to perform at Vocal Adrenaline's Regionals competition in a dress and heels. Should she do it? St. Gay and Mercedes respond with a shocked and uncomfortable silence.

Music Room. The children stare aghast at the horrific something at their feet and when the camera flips around, we discover that Mr. Schue's magically replaced the room's dreary linoleum tiling with Coach Sylvester's "very own, personal, one-of-a-kind, lit-from-within, shatterproof Plexiglas dance floor modeled, of course, on the dance floor immortalized by a young, musky John Travolta at the height of his potency in the legendary dansical" from which this episode has taken its official name. That especially vivid description of the floor in question came from Coach Sylvester herself, of course, because yeah: There's no way Mr. Schue would ever describe John Travolta as "musky." Actually, there's no way anyone on the planet other than Coach Sylvester would ever describe John Travolta as "musky," and as that particular adjective placed in direct reference to John Travolta is actually making me throw up a little bit in my mouth, I'll cut to the chase, such as it is: Mr. Schue announces this week's previously-discussed musical theme and he and Coach Sylvester reveal that the winner of the opening "dance-off" atop that pricey new floor will receive a replica of Tony Manero's iconic white polyester suit, which Coach Sylvester is having "a cadre of expert Viennese tailors painstakingly reproduce" right this very minute.

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