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Tensies For Menses

Or not, as the case may be, as we learn when we delve into Quinn's troubled mind for a smearback to one of the nooners she's secretly been having with Finn. Is anyone surprised by this development? Didn't think so. Next!

Auditorium. Will's rehearsing some "Finn-proof" dance moves for the kiddies when Gwyneth enters to announce she's transferring to Shawnee Township to cover the algebra classes there, as McKinley received more than a few complaints regarding her unorthodox teaching methods. "Apparently," she sighs, "my cucumber demonstration made it impossible to watch Veggie Tales the same way ever again." Gwyneth then surprises both Will and the audience at large when she expresses a desire to pursue a relationship with him, and does anyone think Gwyneth Paltrow's really going to become a series regular on this show? Didn't think so. Next!

Ooops. That's it, actually. Next week, LTG will be here to guide you all through Regionals. Let's hope for his sake that those original songs don't suck.

Demian's feeling incredibly disoriented, because he didn't hate this episode at all. You may send kind notes of soothing reassurance to him at

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