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'PE' Doesn't Stand For 'Phys Ed'

Flashback to brunch at Will and Terri's. Her sister Kendra is there with her husband and three red-headed sons (all of whom are running around the table and screaming at the top of their lungs). (The sons, I mean -- not Kendra and her husband, they're sitting at the table and eating with Will and Terri.) Kendra can't imagine where they're going to put the nursery once the baby arrives. Will points out that they have a second bedroom, but Kendra thinks that if Terri gives up her craft room she might as well just strangle the baby as soon as it's born, because she'll just go insane without some kind of respite from the demands of the tiny little bundle of needs they're about to have. Kendra: "Post-partum runs in our family." If those were my sons, I'd be depressed too. And possibly murderous. Kendra tells them that the conversation is over, since they're about to open up a new section in their subdevelopment.

Which brings us back to the model home. The agent is giving Will and Terri a tour, noting that the banister was bathed in the blood of Ecuadorian children. Or made by them, same difference. Will points out to Terri that there are nine foreclosures on their street, all of which are available for half the price of the McMansion they're touring. Terri: "I'm not raising our baby in a used house. They're not clean." They enter the kitchen, where Terri is overcome with awe at the sight of the sun nook. The agent tells her that the price in the brochure only includes the basics -- the grand foyer is an extra $14,000, and the sun nook is an extra $24,000. The agent leaves them to talk. Will thinks they can't afford the house, but Terri says that if they give up Applebee's and avoid running the AC the first couple of years, it'll work out fine. He tells her they have to choose between the sun nook and the grand foyer. She drags him away to see something.

That something is a frilly bedroom with a sign that says "Our Princess." Terri: "This is where our daughter or gay son will sleep. I thought maybe we could put one of those mini-pianos in here and you two could put on shows for me." She's already seeing one of those shows in her own mind. There's a dancing bear in the second act. Will tells her that he loves it, but they still can't afford everything. Terri: "It's my very own Sophie's Choice." She decides to send the sun nook to the gas chamber, and Will decides to give in to her insanity and buy the house, even if it means getting a part-time job to pay for the extra cost of the polished door handles.

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