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'PE' Doesn't Stand For 'Phys Ed'

As the Glee Club kids wait for Will to arrive at rehearsal, Kurt and Mercedes bicker about whose clothes look more ridiculous. (It's a tie.) And Finn ties his shoes while Rachel looks on, longingly. Will arrives and asks them how they feel about a little Kanye. Personally, I prefer the normal-sized version. [Really? I am currently unhappy with Kanye in all sizes. - Z] He dashes their hopes, telling them that they're still singing disco for the assembly, but that he thinks they could work Kanye into their repertoire and that it would be a hit at Regionals. Will tells them that communication is key to a music group's success, and he listened to them when they said they wanted to sing some modern music. Artie tells him that they really don't want to sing disco at the assembly. Will doesn't listen. He tells Finn that he's going to sing the lead on the Kanye song. Finn claims that he can't, as he's still learning how to sing and walk at the same time. Will tells him that he'll show him what do to. (Um, I could do that, too. If you know what I mean.) And then Will takes off his jacket, revealing a sexy red t-shirt with some muscles underneath it. I feel a little sexually harassed already. Will asks Mercedes if she knows the beginning of the song. Sure, assume the black girl knows the rap song. Um, except in this case it's a safe assumption, as Mercedes nails the beginning of "Gold Digger." And then Will is singing/rapping and dancing around while the kids magically know all of the background parts after spending five seconds with the sheet music. And I know that bothered some of you, but it's a television show. You just have to assume that they're all magical fairy singers (and I don't just mean Kurt) who will always sing every song as though they've rehearsed it ten times before. Will sings and dances around. It's super-hot, but I do think that no teacher should ever be that sexy. Also, as Will sings to us that he ain't saying she's a gold digger, we see Terri and Kendra in the model home making design plans. Wait a minute, I think Will is saying she's a gold digger. I've been lied to in song. That's the worst kind of lie.

Emma emerges from a stall in the restroom and approaches the sink, prepared to use her elbows to turn on the tap when she hears a retching sound coming from on the of the stalls. From the inside-the-toilet cam, we see Emma standing over Rachel, whose face is looming over the toilet. Emma asks if Rachel just threw up. When Rachel denies it, Emma notes that she missed the toilet a little bit. Rachel: "The girl who was throwing up before me left that. I tried, but I guess I just don't have a gag reflex." Emma: "One day when you're older, that'll turn out to be a gift." I'm sure she's talking about... um, well, it turns out I can't think of anything she could be referring to other than oral sex. That either means there is no other reason a lack of a gag reflex would be a gift, or I'm a horrible pervert. You be the judge.

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