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Don't Cry for Glee, Artie and Tina

Smear sideways to Rachel making out with Puck, just the previous week. Puck, showing the tiniest bit of character growth, decides that he can't have sex with Finn's second girlfriend in a row.

And in the present, Finn is really, really mad at Rachel. So he dumps her, even though she reminds him that he promised never to break up with her. Finn: "I never thought you'd make me feel like this."

Dalton music room. Or club room. Or first-class dining car. Who can tell, with all that leather and wood? In any case, Blaine enters, having gotten Kurt's text. Kurt called for him because he's worried that Pavarotti (the canary) is sick because he won't sing and he's losing his feathers. Blaine looks at the bird and tells Kurt that he's just molting and growing a new coat: "He's got food, water. He seems to like his cage. Just give it a little while. He'll be singing again in no time." Get out of the cage, Kurt! Also, get a new coat -- that Dalton uniform is not your friend. Blaine reminds Kurt about Warblers' practice and then leaves him. Why is Blaine not making a move on Kurt? Why am I starting to think Dalton Academy is some kind of secret cult, created for the purpose of taking the fabulousness away from little gay boys, one at a time?

Tina and Mike enter the McKinley High music room. She's switched from her goth cheerleading outfit to a fabulous maroon satin and black leather coat over a lacy skirt and tights. He notices her new look, and she apologizes for doubting him. And then he asks for an "Asian kiss." Which is apparently the kind of kiss on the lips you give your great aunt. Will enters and congratulates them. Santana demonstrates some sweet humanity by expressing sympathy to Will over the fact that Emma married the hottest dentist alive. Will changes the subject and unwittingly tells a total lie about the club being back in a happy place. He thinks they should celebrate by letting Rachel sing a solo. Which I guess is a celebration? Or at least a way of appeasing her so she doesn't quit the club. But she's not in the mood, so she offers the solo to "the two unsung heroes" of the week, Mercedes and Tina. I'm not sure why they're heroes any more than anybody else, but we'll go with it.

Because it leads to the entire club doing a great cover of Florence + The Machine's "Dog Days Are Over," with Tina and Mercedes singing lead. And I don't think Tina has ever looked or sounded as hot as she does on this song. When the show lets her sing in a lower range, she sounds great. They're all on stage, but there are no costumes other than the clothes they were wearing in the last scene, and no set other than some risers and a backdrop. And the choreography is relaxed, mostly just featuring kids running around on stage. It's all very nice. While they sing, we see Kurt looking at Pavarotti, a new nametag being put on Emma's door ("Emma Pillsbury-Howell"), and Emma making out with Hot Dentist Carl. In her office. Tramp. And then we see Rachel sadly removing her shrine to Finn from her locker. And we see, for the first time in a very long time, the relationship calendar she made with their faces Photoshopped onto kittens' bodies. And the kids finish the song with a group hug.

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