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Kurt enters Mme Thibodeaux's office. He's there to ask her if she got her application package. She did, including the video of him performing "the acoustic version of Wham's 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.'" And she wasn't impressed. He's a fantastic showman, but she feels like all she's seen from him is surface, with no complexity, depth or soul. So, he's rejected.

McKinley. Artie, dressed as a drum major, runs into Tina and Blaine dressed as Cheerios. They've each moved on to new activities to take the place of glee club. And then they're joined by Blake and Ryder, who are wearing their basketball uniforms. And then Not-so-Unique stumbles in the hallway on her roller blades -- she's joined the school's floor hockey team. And then Tarantula Head walks up and tells him that he's joined the Interfaith Paintball League, where "Christians, Jews and Muslims can shoot at each other safely."

Auditorium. The McKinley High Village People have arrived to tell Finn that they're all quitting glee club for these new activities. He's super disappointed, but his guilt trip doesn't really work on them. He tells them he's secured the auditorium for rehearsal for a six-minute window late Friday night, and he hopes they'll be there. They all wander off without making a commitment one way or the other. I mean, except for Marley, who tells him she'll be there. Whatever, Newsboy.

Sam's locker. Brit-Brit walks up to him and the rack of 20 lip balms he has mounted on the inside of his locker door to ask him a question. And that question is whether he's going to the glee club rehearsal on Friday night. Because if he's not, she thinks they should go out together. To the VIP booth at BreadstiX. She's decided to risk the wrath of lesbian bloggers everywhere. And then they kiss. Commercials.

Magical round performance space at Fake New York Theater School. It's time for the Winter Showcase. After Mme Thibodeaux welcomes everyone, she introduces the first performer, a dancer. And we cut away before we can see if she's any good, where we find Rachel in the ... lobby, or stairs, or something, of the theater. She's wearing her white silk and rhinestone Special Snowflake dress. Brody walks up to her to reminder that she's among the best of the best and that she shouldn't be nervous. She feels surprisingly calm. And then she kisses him before he walks away. And then Kurt interrupts to tell her that she's on.

Back in the magical round performance space, Mme Thibodeaux introduces Rachel. And then she sings "Being Good Isn't Good Enough," from Hallelujah Baby. And it's totally gorgeous and moving, as you would expect. When she finishes, the audience leaps to their feet, and there are calls for an encore, only one of which comes from Brody. Rachel looks to Mme Thibodeaux for approval, and after receiving a small nod, sings "O Holy Night." Because every Jewish girl has a favorite religious Christmas carol. As she sings, we see Finn packing up all of the glee club materials in the music room, including the trophies. We also see Mme Thibodeaux sneak a glance over at Kurt, who is raptly caught up in Rachel's performance. After Rachel finishes, Mme Thibodeaux announces a brief intermission, "and when we come back, if he thinks he's ready, we'll have a performance from Mr. Hummel." BAM! Commercials.

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