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In Which We Give Thanks That New Rachel Is Dead

ANY-way, the one amusing moment of this scene occurs when New Quinn excitedly burbles over to Old Quinn to exclaim, "You're so funny and self-deprecating -- we're so much alike!" to which Santana simply observes, "Wanky!" I'd make note here of how much I miss Santana this season, I'm sure, but I just checked, and it turns out she's been in every single episode I've recapped thus far this season, so I should probably just shut the hell up at this juncture and see what happens next: Bloaty The Gravy Clown confirms that McKinley High will be competing against both The Swallows and "The Rosedale Mennonites" during this year's Sectionals and -- in addition to Boring New Idiot Rachel and Dreamboat Blaine performing a duet -- The New New Directions will be presenting their version of last summer's grotesquely annoying novelty song. No, not that one -- they already violated us with that one back in September. They'll be performing this one. Yeah, there's no way in hell I'm gonna sit through that shit. Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen. Sorry!

Perpetual Voice of Reason Santana Lopez objects in her own inimitable manner, but not because the proposed number is an embarrassing piece of crap. No, Santana instead assures "Lumpy" that The New New Directions are doomed to fail because "no one in this room can tackle a massive dance number except for Brit." Frankenteen lurches to his feet to defend his choices, insisting they need "an ambitious number with a strong dance element" to counter The Swallows -- who are well known, after all, for their lewd gyrations -- and he announces that an audition will be held to determine which of the current crop of boys will have the privilege and honor of partnering with Brit-Brit for the competition. Well, more or less -- Lady Lips Von Bieberhausen first offers his services, but he gets shot down almost immediately by just about everyone, so a general audition it is.

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