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In Which We Give Thanks That New Rachel Is Dead

Later, out in the hall, New Puck and New Finn start off by chit-chatting about the impending audition -- with New Finn in particular fretting that noted Joffrey danseur Gaylord Wiener will think he's "special needs" the instant New Finn tries to bust a move -- but then New Puck blurts out something tiresome about dating Boring New Idiot Rachel, and I zone out for most of what follows. From what I can gather, however, the two dudelings eventually bro it all out, so let's zip on over to...

...Manhattan to see what's new with The Horrible Hooker Of Broadway and her little gay friend, shall we? The camera finds Old Idiot Rachel in mid-babble, linked arm-in-arm with the ever-suffering St. Gay Of Lima as the two stroll across the plaza in front of The New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue, and after she too-casually mentions she blew her audition for The Glass Menagerie, and after he too-casually mentions he's reapplied for admission to Fake Drama School In New York, they agree that remaining in the city for the Thanksgiving holiday is the right thing to do. Well, that was easy. Also: Commercials.

April Rhodes Civic Pavilion. As this drones along in the background, Bloaty The Gravy Clown, Gaylord Wiener, Artie and Old Puck put the various able-bodied boys of The New New Directions (minus Dreamboat Blaine, for some reason) through their respective paces, and long story short, New Puck intentionally biffs the audition, thereby allowing New Finn to win the Sectionals dance lead.

Meanwhile, back in the music room, Santana, Brit-Brit, and Old Quinn have gathered the various other ladies of The New New Directions for a demonstration of their Nationals-winning style, and as it's really just a thinly veiled excuse for the three to try to recapture the magic of their initial performance all those many years ago, let's skip the chatty preliminaries and get straight to the music, shall we? Excellent.

As she, Brit-Brit, and Santana take their places on the floor, Old Quinn nods at the usually-mute members of The McKinley Jazz Ensemble -- our familiar friend with the floppy hair is back on bass, by the by -- and soon enough, the "unholy trinity" has launched itself into a sweet little precisely choreographed version of "Come See About Me" by The Supremes, with Old Quinn of course taking lead. And while it's fun as hell to watch the three of them prancing around together again, the song has absolutely nothing to do with the episode surrounding it -- unlike, oh, the last time Old Quinn got her Miss Ross on -- so I have nothing to say about it. Like, for real this time.

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