The End Of Twerk

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Twerk Like There's Nobody Watching

The camera soon catches up with Mr. Schue and Unique, and long story short, after a supposedly uplifting pep talk, Mr. Schue sneaks Unique into the faculty's private facilities. "From now on," he instructs, "whenever nature calls, I want you to find me, and I'm going to open this up for you." "No one needs to know how you identify yourself," Mr. Schue adds, pretty much missing, oh, the entire point of Unique's storyline this evening, "they just need to know you washed your hands after." The two hug, and it's all very touching, but what's that? Principal Sylvester, peering sullenly at them from just down the hallway? DUN!

Cut to Principal Sylvester's office, later that afternoon. Mr. Schue arrives without having first secured an appointment for himself, for which he takes a considerable amount of guff from Becky Jackson out in the office antechamber before Principal Sylvester shouts, "It's okay -- send him in." Once Will settles himself, Sue calmly states, "I saw you escort Unique to the teachers' restroom and let him use it, and I think it's degrading for him to have to do that, and it's given me a change of heart." Will remains silent, so Sue continues, "I would like to propose a deal -- I'll give Unique a key to that bathroom, on one condition: You and The Glee Club stop twerking, for good." "Sorry," Will replies without a moment's hesitation, "but there's no way in hell that I'm going to make that deal." "Oh, for God's sake, William," Sue exasperates, "that's your red line?" "This isn't about twerking," Will claims, getting a little heated, "this is about standing up to Sue Sylvester and her inane, out-of-touch meddling -- it's about rebelling against your repeated attempts to suppress The Glee Club and what we're trying to say!" Please shut him up, Sue. Please? Unfortunately, Sue chooses to remain silent at this juncture, easing herself back in her chair and allowing Will to continue his ridiculous diatribe like so: "When a law is unjust, it is your duty as an American to disobey -- it's called 'civil disobedience,' Sue!" "Have it your way," Sue eventually snaps. "The chemical toilet stays bolted to the choir room floor!" "Fine!" Will snots back, leaning forward to add, "And maybe I'll just throw a Sue Sylvester-style rebellion-tantrum as I leave this office!" Sue's sure she has no idea what he's talking about. "Oh, no?" Will eyebrows. "It goes a little something like this!" With that, Will goes on his weak version of a rampage through the office antechamber, knocking over a cart of books and whatnot, and it's just an embarrassing spectacle for everyone involved, and they're not even using the proper Carmina Burana music to accompany any of it, and when it's finally over, we mercifully cut out into this evening's next commercial break.

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