The End Of Twerk

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Demian: N/A | 104 USERS: C-
Twerk Like There's Nobody Watching

...back on the stage in The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion, where the shiny, happy, peppy children of The New New Directions perform this shiny, happy, peppy song, primarily whilst splayed across one of those spinny childhood playground deathtraps I thought they banned twenty years ago. There's a quick cut over to New York to show how fresh and reinvigorated The Horrible Hooker Of Broadway and St. Gay Of Lima feel after this evening's little adventure, or some such bullshit, and then it's back to the auditorium stage, where Stupid Boring New Idiot Rachel gets a solo because God knows we haven't had enough of her this evening, and finally -- at long last -- we fade to black.

Next week: The Billy Joel tribute episode you've all been clamoring for. Don't lie -- I know you want it. Have fun!

Demian will never get a tattoo. You may congratulate him on his good taste and sensible approach to life at

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