The End Of Twerk

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Twerk Like There's Nobody Watching

Cue the screaming over at McKinley High. It's the morning following Principal Sylvester's television appearance, apparently, and the children of The New New Directions are up in arms over Principal Sylvester's latest assault on their "God-given right" to make jackasses out of themselves. Mr. Schue bumbles in from elsewhere to toss gasoline on the already-raging music room fire with a rousing speech in which he claims that twerking is, as he would have it, "about blurring the lines between the past and the present, between men and women, [and] between tradition and envelope-pushing." "It's all in that Alan Thicke song I looooove!" he adds, swooning a bit. "'Blurred Lines' by Robin Thicke?" Artie squints. "Exactly!" Mr. Schue enthuses. "That's...not what that song is about," Artie attempts to warn him, but poor Artie's sage protestations fall upon deaf ears, for Mr. Schue's already launched himself into...

...a heavily-censored-for-primetime version of the song in question that takes his clueless ass sauntering through The Hallowed Halls Of Dear McKinley High like he's The Rapidly-Aging Pied Piper Of Grossly Inappropriate Behavior as an ever-growing number of supposedly underaged teenagers writhe along behind him on their way to the stage in The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion, whereupon a twerk-off of sorts transpires amongst the kiddies. I have to admit, this sequence does look like it was a hell of a lot of fun to film. Unfortunately, the song's garbage, so the whole thing can rot in Hell for all I care.

Surprisingly enough, Will's abysmal levels of stupidity do not go unnoticed this week, for the next thing we know, he's been called into Sue's office for an official dressing-down that goes something like this: "Will, you need to back your ass up to the fact that you, a married thirty-seven-year-old, just performed a song about coercive sexual advances as nine minors twerked alongside you down the hallways of a public high school!" You tell him, Sue. "This is about freedom of expression!" Will feebly argues in his own defense, but that crap just isn't cutting it tonight, and Sue fires him on the spot. Hooray! Will vows to appeal Sue's decision directly to the school board, which should be tremendous amounts of fun to watch because: Public council meetings, am I right? Yowza!

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