The First Time

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Finn is helping Rachel hang her campaign poster. It's a picture of her disembodied head with the slogan "Put a Berry on Top." As she directs him to hang another poster on another wall, we can see some other posters in the background. Kurt stuck with his unicorn theme. And there's some poster that appears to feature a stark white face with tons of black makeup around the eyes. Is Peter Criss running for class president? Rachel asks Finn who he's going to vote for. He tells her that he's having trouble, since Kurt is his brother, "and it's kind of hard to vote against your brother." Rachel: "But you can't do this with your brother." And she leans in and gives him a sexy kiss. And not to be contrarian, but I bet he could do that with his brother if he just asked. Finn, pleased with her amorous attitude, asks her what's gotten into her. She tells him that she's just feeling good, since the show has sold out for all three nights. Also, Jewfro has done a poll that shows her tied for first place in the election. Who did he poll? The ten people at the school who don't hate Rachel? Finn's excited too, because a recruiter for Ohio State will be at the football game on Friday night. Rachel is actually happy for Finn, which is surprising to him and to me. But let's roll with it. Finn tells Rachel that Burt and Carol are out of town on campaign business, and he has the house to himself. Um, where's Kurt in all this? Anyway, Finn invites Rachel to come to his house, which they both see as an invitation to come to his pants. And get inside them. She offers to be there at 6:00, and they kiss.

A bedroom. Blaine is grooving to some Roxy Music while Kurt lounges on the bed. I can't quite tell whose room this is. Blaine wants to build a time machine so he can go back to the '70s and give Brian Ferry a high-five. But Kurt has a question for him -- does Blaine think that Kurt is boring, on a sexual basis? He may not be boring, but in that slim-cut, v-neck, leopard-print, thigh-length cardigan he's wearing, he's very confusing. Kurt's wondering if the two of them aren't being a little too chaste. "Have you ever had the urge just to rip off each other's clothes and get dirty?" So these guys have never gone south of the equator? Screw Bristol Palin, these two should be running a campaign for teen abstinence. Because that is some amazing self-control. Or, actually, self-abuse, which is what Blaine falls back on when he gets those urges. But he's content to wait until he and Kurt are both ready. He also points out that it would take an awful lot of work to tear Kurt's clothes off. And then they kiss.

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