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When You're A Gleek, You're A Gleek All The Way

Anyway, the gruff bear of a doorman at Scandals is no more fooled by Kurt and Blaine's IDs than the Rochester drag queen was by mine, but he lets them in. He also, in a depressed monotone, welcomes them to Drag Queen Wednesday. You guys, the show has totally captured the feel of a small-town gay bar. It's dark and kind of depressing, and you can tell that some number of guys there are freaked out at the idea that someone they know will see them. But there are also just plenty of regular, run-of-the-mill gay people doing things like playing pool and dancing badly. And a lot of bad drag queens. They try to identify all the divas the queens are based on when they see Sebastian at the bar. He's got the collar on his blue and green polo shirt popped. He clearly knows how to get laid in a place like this. As the duo arrive, he hands a beer to Blaine and a Shirley Temple to Kurt, since he's the designated driver.

Cut to Kurt, at the bar, wearing a glum face as he watches Blaine dance with Sebastian. And then a big dude sits next to him, warning him to watch his boyfriend. It's Karofsky! He's wearing about two square miles of denim and a baseball cap. And he looks right at home as he orders a beer. Kurt expositionally asks how life is at Karofsky's new school. He's happy to be at a place where he doesn't have to worry that somebody will out him, although Kurt is quick to remind him that he never would have said a word. Although if Karofsky wants to avoid being outed, hanging out at the local gay bar may not be the way to go. Kurt asks Karofsky if he comes there all the time. He clearly does, and enjoys it. You just know Karofsky can get any dude he wants in a place like this. Not that most of them should be sleeping with high school seniors. Kurt looks away, and Karofsky defensively asks if this is the moment where Kurt judges him. Kurt: "No. As long as you're not beating people up, I'm all for being whoever you have to be, at your own speed." Karofsky says that he's just trying to get through high school, and they toast to "baby steps." And then Kurt takes his own baby step, putting down his drink and joining his boyfriend on the dance floor.

Scandals, exterior. Kurt and Blaine exit. Blaine has clearly had a great first-gay-bar experience. He drunkenly declares it the best night of his life and makes plans to move into the bar. They get to the car, and Blaine wants Kurt to kiss him. But Kurt just wants him to lay down in the back seat for the ride home so he'll be less likely to throw up. But Blaine has ideas of his own, and tries to pull Kurt into the back seat with him. He totally wants to do it, but Kurt clearly does not. Blaine is a little pushy and handsy, and Kurt gets pissed off and yells at Blaine for trying to get him to waste his first time on a guy who's drunk and who spent half the night dancing with somebody else. Blaine doesn't understand why Kurt is yelling. Kurt: "Because I have never felt less like being intimate with someone, and either you can't tell or you don't care." Blaine gets out of the car and yells out an apology for trying to be spontaneous and fun. You know, I don't think he's being sincere with that apology. And then Blaine decides to walk home. Wherever that is. Commercials.

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