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Some kind of administrative office at McKinley. A secretary hands Will a file and then we see that he's called Jake into his office. He wants to see him because he's learned that Jake is Puck's half-brother, except that Jake tells him that Puck never even knew he existed. In a town this small, two kids with the last name "Puckerman" never ran into each other? Anyway, Jake thinks Will wants to accept him into New Directions as a kind of favor to Puck, but Will really wants to do it because he knew that glee club helped Puck. But he thinks that Jake needs to lose the chip on his shoulder. Jake, alas, likes that chip, and tells Will that his pity invitation to join New Directions is rejected.

And now we get a scene that cuts from the auditorium, where Marley is in the wings watching the kids rehearse and Rachel in the park having a phone conversation with Kurt. Marley sings "Chasing Pavements," which is apparently the song the kids are rehearsing. Marley joins them in dancing. I love that she has a giant smile when she sings, even if she is wearing that idiotic newsboy cap. Jake, who briefly watches from the back of the auditorium, also seems to like the look of Marley. Rachel, meanwhile, is tearfully admitting to Kurt that she's totally miserable. Worst of all is that she can't even be miserable in her own dorm room, because her roommate has a non-stop procession of tricks coming by for sex. Kurt suggests that Rachel get a new roommate, which Rachel thinks is not a very practical idea. And then Kurt tells her to turn around and she sees him and they have a warm embrace.

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