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Third Verse, Same As The First

Sue's office. Becky runs in with the latest poll numbers for the election to replace the dead Congressman. The election is two months away and Sue's in 9th place, "well behind undecided, that rapist running from prison, and 'I don't know, please don't call me at dinner.'" Sue thought the voters wanted someone who was for something, so she decided to run a positive campaign by being in favor of deportation. But now she sees that she needs to be against something. Becky has a suggestion: "What about toast? Bread's already been baked. I don't get why you need to cook it again." But Sue needs to find something that everyone hates, and she's afraid to take on the toast lobby. And then her train of though is interrupted by the distant plunking of a purple piano.

Cut to Sue in the hallway, where Tina and Mike Chang are tunelessly plunking around on the keyboard. Sue flings open the top of the piano, reaches in, and pulls out its guts. It's very dramatic. Because she was grateful to the glee club for singing at her sister's funeral, she's been nice to the gleeks for the entire school year (which, as Tina points out, has been less than two days), but she draws the line at music that might interrupt people studying. As Mike and Tina scurry away, Sue is thanked by a mysterious stranger who turns out to be the school's long-standing geometry teacher. She's over artsy kids and their entitled attitude, and tells Sue she can count on her vote. Hmmm, that gives Sue an idea.

Cut to the Lima Bean, where Kurt and Blaine are sharing coffee and awkward silence. The silence is because Kurt is passive-aggressively wondering why Blaine has yet to make a decision about whether to transfer to McKinley. I would think that the fact that he's wearing his Dalton uniform is a clue that he's made a choice. Blaine doesn't want to just ditch his Warbler friends. Kurt makes one last pitch, noting that he's worried that their young relationship won't be able to handle the fact that Kurt and Blaine will be competitors if they're singing at different schools. But the real reason is that Kurt wants his senior year to be special, which means he wants to see his boyfriend all the time and not just after school and on weekends. You know what else is special, Kurt? Seeing the guy you painfully broke up with all the time. Especially if he sits there in class, quietly sobbing. That made my senior year... I mean, that'll make your senior year really special.

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