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We'll Always Have Branson

...the auditorium for The Song. As in, The Song Everyone Has Been Waiting To See Since That Clip From The Upfronts Leaked Onto YouTube Over The Summer. I'm speaking, of course, of Queen's "Somebody To Love," and while it's truncated from the longer version that's been available on iTunes the last few weeks, it still takes up the final two and a half minutes of the episode. And that's...pretty much all I have to say about it, honestly. It's not my favorite Queen song (that would be "Under Pressure," followed by "Bohemian Rhapsody," followed by "We Are The Champions," followed by "Fat Bottomed Girls," with special places in my heart for "I Want To Break Free" because of the video, and "Flash" because of the horrendous movie), and Frankenteen is -- literally -- lurching through the choreography, and because Finn and Rachel are the supposed It couple on this show, the verses featuring vocals from Artie, Puck, and T-T-T-Tina have been excised, and all Mercedes gets to do is sing one little line, but because Mercedes fucking nails that one little line, she deserves a special round of applause all her very own. You go, girl. And in the end, all of the kids hit their final notes while reaching for the sky -- which I suppose is now their signature move in much the same way the Adrenalines clasp their hands and drop their heads -- and the camera soars past them to fade into black.

Next week: I'm not positive, but I do believe Kurt will be singing selections from Bon Jovi and Usher. It promises to be gruesome.

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