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Cheese Is The Word

Coach Beiste enters Emma's office, where she finds Emma freaking out at the difficulty in finding a short-term rental in DC that doesn't have carpets, which are too filthy for Emma to tolerate. Coach Beiste isn't there to offer real estate advice -- she's there to tell Emma that she could tell that Emma doesn't really want to join Will in DC and to encourage her to be honest with him. Emma is worried that if she gets in the way of his dreams, she'll be just like Terri. Emma, I wish you were half as entertaining as Terri was. I miss that psychopath. Emma tells the coach that she's definitely going to DC, so Coach Beiste tells her that she'd better find something to do in DC that will excite her or she's just going to resent him.

Tina's locker. Mike approaches her and accuses her of avoiding him, which she's happy to admit, because seeing him has brought up the pain of their breakup and she doesn't want to be around him. He's upset that she's letting it stand in the way of being in the musical, but she refuses to change her mind.

Callbacks. This time, all of New Directions is in the audience. Mercedes tells the four candidates for Sandy and Danny that they've selected a song for them that's from the show and will give them a chance to demonstrate their '50s dance moves. The judges also want to see them in different combinations, to get a sense of the chemistry they have with each other. Even though they were given the music in advance, Ryder's nervous, because he doesn't really read music. So Mercedes and Mike tell the kids to just follow their lead and she starts singing "Hand Jive." This is a song about hand jobs, isn't it? I really suspect it is. Anyway, Mercedes sings and Mike dances and then the four candidates join in. Marley and Jake have some serious heat, which makes Kitty and Ryder both jealous. At the end of the song, a bunch of other potential cast members join them in the dance. Commercials.

Library. Finn finds Unique (in boy drag) and tells her that he needs to talk to her about the show. Unique thinks this is just prelude to the "you were great, but it was too controversial to cast you" discussion she's been fearing. But Finn, as we know, is there to offer Unique the role. Unique gets a little verklempt, and Finn asks what's wrong. Unique: "I don't feel right in the men's locker room, but I can't go into the girl's. And I don't feel right in men's clothing, but I can't wear dresses every day. It sucks to never know your place. It's just nice for once to feel like I've found one." And Finn seems happy to have finally found his place as well. That was a gorgeously acted scene -- Alex has really improved since his first appearances last season.

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