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Cheese Is The Word

Time to post the cast list. We end up with a Brady Bunch style grid (but larger) with all of the casting decisions. Brit-Brit is Cha-Cha; Tina is Jan (even though she never auditioned); Sam is Kenickie; Sugar Motta is Frenchy; No Longer New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can't Be Bothered To Look Up is Doody; Unique is Rizzo; Blaine is Teen Angel; Jake is Putzie; Ryder is Danny; Marley is Sandy; and Kitty is Patty Simcox. In the words of Kitty, "Who the hell is Patty Simcox?" Kitty blames her failure to land the role she wanted on God, and then Jake, and then she lashes out at Marley and her mother. And then she storms off when Sue arrives and reminds her that it's time to feed Sue's baby. And then Sue looks at the cast list, sees that Unique has been cast as Rizzo and gives Finn a blood curdling glare as we cut to commercial.

Will comes home to find Emma, dressed in a very '50s housewife looking outfit, cooking up a storm. He's happy at first, but then realizes that she's completely freaked out. So he asks her to stop cooking and talk to him and she admits that she doesn't want to go to DC; she's scared that if she gives up her dreams in favor of his, she'll just grow to resent him. He finally pulls his head out of his ass and tells her that he loves her for who she is and even though he doesn't want to be away from her, he knows that a few months apart won't diminish their love. Jayma Mays, is so good -- I really wish this show gave her more to do that wasn't just based on her relationship with Will.

Music room. Will enters to find Finn hard at work trying to figure out how to make a car fly on stage. For the pedants reading this, yes, I know that the show is clearly acting as though Grease the stage musical is identical to Grease the movie, when there are a number of differences between them. But I just know better than to ever have expected this show to get anything like this right. And, frankly, I just don't care. Anyway, Will tells Finn that he and Figgins have decided that while Will is away from McKinley, the perfect person to coach the New Directions is Finn. I mean, he says it in a way that involves pumping Finn's ego up more than it really deserves to be. But still. It answers the question of what happens while Will is gone and what Finn's excuse will be to lurk around the high school all day. Will tells Finn, "I can tell you that there's no greater joy than helping a young boy like you turn into a man." I was wrong, this is the gayest seduction scene I've seen outside of porn.

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