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The Replacements

Holly tells the kids she wants to have fun with them: "What do you say we have class outside today?" Mercedes points out that it's raining. Holly: "Well then, let's take a field trip to Taco Bell. Should we toke up some medical grade marijuana? I wish." [Not that she actually whips out a joint or takes them to Taco Bell, but she's mentioned it, goddamn it and that makes her "the cool teacher!" - Gustave] She's won over all of the kids except for Rachel, who points out that they have to write a set list for Sectionals instead of getting high. Holly agrees, and then asks them what songs they want to do. Their stunned silence tells them nobody's ever asked them that before. Except for every week, when Will lets them pick out whatever songs they want to sing as part of his moronic "lessons." [Oh yeah, she's dealing with such a repressed community of teens here. Like the Von Trapps... but without the overbearing father and the discipline. - Gustave]

Puck flashes back to when he asked Will if they could perform that hot new song, "Forget You." And either Puck is feverish himself or he's lying to Ms. Holliday, because you know there's no way in hell Puck didn't use the song's original title, "Fuck You." Still in the flashback, Will says no, and then tells the kids, "Come on, guys, there's got to be a Journey song we haven't done yet."

And back in the present, Holly proves her bona fides by singing the song. And she does fine, and it's totally fun, and all of the kids except Rachel get into it and start dancing and singing. And let me take this opportunity to comment briefly on her clothes. She's wearing a black sweater and a gray and black mini-skirt that I'm told costs $450. But mostly I have to comment on her knee-high leather boots. Ladies, if you ever find yourself having to be a substitute teacher, you just be certain to wear some knee-high leather boots. Most of the kids will still treat you like crap, but you'll at least have every gay boy in the class on your side. Because those boots are our kryptonite. Anyway, the song ends and Holly suggests they all go out for tacos. Commercials.

Locker room. Coach Bieste is yelling at the team and reminding them that athlete's foot medicine is not to be sprayed in a teammate's eyes. Everyone looks at Puck, who gives a "what, me?" shrug. And then Principal Sue enters the locker room to inform Coach Bieste that "effective 4 PM today, the football team is officially disbanded." Bieste: "Well if you're cutting the football team, who are your Cheerios gonna cheer for?" Sue, who clearly hadn't thought that far ahead: "I will get back to you on all of this later." Coach Bieste sprays some athlete's foot spray in Sue's general direction as she walks out of the room.

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