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Hallway. Quinn sees Terri and tells her she needs to talk to her about (whispered) "the baby." Terri asks if everything is okay: "You're not having it now, are you?" There's that crack medical knowledge she picked up at Psychotic School of Nursing. Quinn tells Terri that she's been thinking about her offer. Quinn likes her life -- she enjoys being a Cheerio and even enjoys Glee Club. And she recognizes that she can't raise a kid and keep her fabulous life. Terri has a rare moment of humanity as she empathizes with Quinn, noting that life is much more hectic for teens than it was in Terri's day. "I mean, there weren't as many TV channels though." Terri asks if Finn is okay with giving up the baby. Quinn says that he's the reason she's doing it -- he's a great guy, and she doesn't want to ruin his life. But Quinn doesn't want Will to ever know what's going on. So he's not supposed to notice her growing belly and the fact that his baby appears the day she has hers? You know, I think he's dumb enough I could see that happening. Terri promises to keep the secret. Quinn raises one more point -- she's going to have medical bills and maternity clothes to buy. Terri can't believe the woman who's giving her a baby wants money. After all, Terri's going to be responsible for the baby for 18 years. She thinks Quinn can take care of things for nine months.

Boys locker room. Ken is alone, erasing the whiteboard, when Emma gingerly tiptoes into the room. She's not trying to be quiet -- she's just trying to avoid touching absolutely anything in the room, including the air. She's shocked at the site of somebody's jockstrap, sitting on a bench. Emma says hello to Ken and tells him that she can't stay in the room long because of the germs and the odor. That's the smell of teen sexuality. And Biofreeze. Emma has a question for Ken. And that question is whether he could accept a marriage in which they continue to live in different houses, don't socialize outside of work, and don't actually tell anybody they're married. That's a better deal than Ken expected. I think the only worse possible deal would be if they got married and then Ken was required to commit ritual suicide. Emma: "You're a really good man, Ken. And I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone." Except for after school and on the weekends, when she won't see him. So she'll marry him.

Non-existent outdoor corridor. Finn ambushes Rachel, calling her "A-Rach," and praising the girls' energetic mash-up. Rachel claims they were just leveling out the playing field. And then the both of them decide that doping was wrong and that they should just admit their error and call off the competition. And then she apologizes for calling him contemptible and deplorable. He didn't mind, since he didn't really know what those words meant. Stepping past the moronic elephant in the room, Rachel tells him that she's realized that her goals are too selfish, and it's time for her to stop competing against everyone and start competing alongside them.

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