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Locker room. Coach Ken is... coaching the team. The camera pans across the players to Finn. (Yes, there's shirtless Puck in this scene, but only from the clavicle up. It doesn't really count.) And then Finn gets his own monologue. It's about how tired he is, all the time, even though he should be feeling great about being captain of the football team, Glee stud, and future baby daddy to a hot, popular cheerleader. "But I can't get Rachel out of my head. She kind of freaks me out, in a Swimfan kind of way, but she can really sing, and her body is smoking... if you're not into boobs." Finn tells us about his changing body. We see him rubbing Biofreeze on his shins to deal with growing pains -- and then getting some in his eyes, sending him running to the showers. And then we see him playing a video game as he continues to tell us how he's overwhelmed between Glee, football, being popular, and school. "I don't know how important people like presidents or newscasters or mob bosses do it. My mom says I'm stretched too thin, so I gave up homework, but that didn't help." His video game character gets killed on level two. His voice-over is upset by that fact, but even more upset by the fact that he doesn't have the energy to care. He collapses into his bed without getting undressed.

Dark screen. A voice says, "he's drooling." And then Finn opens his eyes to find the two people who really love him standing over him. No, not Rachel and Quinn -- Kurt and Puck. Finn is groggy, and tells them that when he's really thinking hard, it helps to close his eyes. The other boys (or at least, those who get lines. Sorry, Mike Chang and Matt Rutherford) are planning their mash-up, because they are determined not to lose to the girls. Arty tells Finn that they've settled on a mix of Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" and Usher's "Confessions." Puck: "We should get some trash can lids and stomp the yard up in this piece." Arty: "Puck, with respect, you're more helpful when you don't contribute." Finn drifts off again, and Puck tells him to go to the nurse's office for some nap time. That's how Puck has been avoiding math class for a couple of years. Finn wipes off the drool and shambles off to the nurse's office.

In the dance studio (which I guess is part of the school), the female Glee Clubbers are working on their mash-up. If by "working" you mean putting on makeup and doing each other's nails. And I do. Quinn's not there -- in response to Rachel's question, Britney says that she's "probably down at the mall, looking for elastic waistbands." Rachel wants them to start working. Mercedes notes that they've already picked their songs (Beyoncé's "Halo" and "Walking on Sunshine," originally recorded by Katrina and the Waves) and that they can just wing it, since the boys are clearly not going to do a good job. Rachel thinks they can't just wing it, but she's outvoted by the other four.

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