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The 'D' Stands For 'Demented'

Nurse's office. Finn is surprised to see Terri there (with a stethoscope around her neck) as the nurse. He introduces himself as being from the Glee Club. Terri thinks for a second and asks her if he's the one dating Quinn. She's very pleased with his bone structure. Finn tells Terri that he's tired and would like to take a nap on the orthopedically designed cot in the office, but in Terri's mind she's already graduated from the Psychotic School of Nursing, so she tells him to take a seat while she grills him about his sleep habits. She asks him what time he goes to bed. Finn: "I don't know, usually after Skinemax starts playing regular movies again." But he's having trouble falling asleep, because his "brain won't shut up." When asked by Terri what he's thinking about, he tells her, "football plays, girls, dance steps, girls." Terri is shocked that he would think about "girls" plural since he's dating Quinn. He asks her if she thinks a guy can be into two girls at once. I'm not sure a guy can be into fewer than three girls at once, based on my personal observation. But Terri is shocked at the question: "No. And remember, flirting is cheating. And the revenge of the jilted woman is usually pretty messy." He asks if he can take his nap. She tells him that when she was in high school, she was cheerleading captain, a straight-A student, popular, and in a relationship with Will. Now that she thinks about it, she's not sure how she did all that. And then it hits her -- she took pseudoephedrine. Which she just happens to have in her purse. A couple of those every morning and she was set for the day. She gives him two, telling them they're just like a vitamin. He's hesitant, but she reminds him that she's the school nurse, so she must know what she's doing.

And then a beaming, highly energetic Finn walks into the music room and tells the guys he can't wait to run through their number. Arty: "Has your soul been taken over by caffeinated space aliens?" Finn: "Nope. Justvisitedtheschoolnurse, gotthisgreatvitamin, Ifeelfantastic, Ican'twaittodothenumber, let'sdothenumber, andthenafterwardswecanbuildhousesforHabitatforHumanity!" Puck asks what kind of vitamin he got. Finn: "Vitamin D. And I got you guys some."

Cut to the boys performing their mash-up for Will, Emma, and the girls. They're rocking it hard. They're all clearly wired, although what produces huge goofy smiles for most of them results in an intense stare in Kurt. Finn's dancing is about what it always is, but bigger, more energetic, and with a slightly constipated look on his face. Finn takes the lead on "It's My Life," while Arty sings the lead on "Confessions." And we get a great dance solo from Mike Chang. (Seriously, go YouTube Harry Shum.) At the end, everyone cheers, but Rachel looks pretty stunned. Will tells the girls they'd better be great tomorrow, or the boys will clearly win. Commercials.

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