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The 'D' Stands For 'Demented'

Cut to the nurse's office, where the Glee girls are all lined up to get their Vitamin D from Terri -- except for Quinn, who's getting folic acid. Howard Bamboo is there, acting as Terri's assistant. Rachel asks if Terri is really sure they should take the pills. Terri: "You can trust me. I'm a nurse. It's good for you." So they all swallow their pills.

In the teachers' lounge, Ken is manically feeding documents into the shredder. Will asks Terri what's up with him, and she claims that Ken's healthy glow is due to a new vitamin regimen she put him on. Will points out (again) that Terri's not really a nurse, and she accuses him of criticizing her work. Emma enters, and she and Will are visibly pained that they can't sit and flirt together. Way to be subtle about your emotional cheating, guys. Terri cuddles up next to Will and notices some mustard on his upper lip. And then she licks it off. Will freaks out at being Frenched by the school nurse, and she claims that her hormones are just making her crazy hot for him. And then they have a fight based on the fact that spending too much time together is hurting their marriage. As proof of this, we see the two of them at supper with nothing to talk about since they no longer have reason to discuss their respective days. Will gets up to go to the bathroom and rejects Terri's offer to come with him. Will tells her that he loves her but he needs his space. As he leaves, Terri looks at Ken and tells him to seize the moment and propose to Emma. So Ken drops to one knee and tells Emma that despite the flaws in their relationship (like the fact that she won't ride in his car and he's not allowed to touch her above the wrist), he thinks about her all day long and kisses the picture of the two of them at the State Fair each night before going to sleep. And then he unzips his fanny pack (hee!) and pulls out a ring box. Emma's freaking out. Ken: "Emma Pillsbury, this is not an engagement ring." Emma: "Oh, thank goodness." But Ken clarifies that it is an engagement ring -- but it's also a promise: "I know you have this thing about being clean. Now I can't promise to pick up my underwear or squeegee the shower door, but I can promise to keep your life clean of sadness, and loneliness, and any other dark clouds that might float into it." I think that may be the most romantic thing I've ever heard. He cracks the box and tells her it's cubic zirconia: "I know how affected you were by Blood Diamond." And he asks her to marry him. Commercials.

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