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The girls, in similar but not identical yellow dresses, are about to perform their mash-up. Rachel introduces the number: "Thankyousomuchitreallyisapleasure. Whilethe
oftoday'smodernteens, wehavechosenaselectionofsongsthatspeakstothenationasawholeduringthese
troublingtimesfilledwitheconomicuncertaintyandunbridledsocialwar, becauseifthere'stwothings
Americaneedsrightnow, it'ssunshineandoptimism. Also angels." If Finn on drugs turned into the equivalent of Rachel on a normal day, imagine what Rachel on drugs is like. And then the girls perform their mash-up. It features Rachel on lead for "Halo," with lots of strong input from Mercedes. And no real lead for "Walking On Sunshine." And a huge amount of really frantic hair-tossing. I'm guessing this episode had a very large neck brace budget. Everybody applauds at the end, and Will tells the girls that whatever they did to get so good they should keep doing it. As the girls run out of the room to build houses for Habitat for Humanity, Will asks Emma if she can walk with him.

In the hallway, Will and Emma chat about how the idea to foster a competitive spirit seems to have worked. And then he asks if it's true that Ken proposed to her. He asks her what she plans on doing, and she responds, "I don't know. Can you think of any other options I might have?" And a chunk of the forums exploded with outraged indignation at how she seems to be asking him to leave his wife. To which I can only say, I hope to God nobody is watching this show to learn any moral lessons. It's a Ryan Murphy show. Every single person is a morally corrupt idiot, and you're supposed to find reasons to love them despite that fact, not because of it. And you're supposed to laugh and dance along to the songs. In any case, Will can't tell Emma what she really wants to hear (which is that she should wait for him, because eventually he'll leave his wife for her). And then we see that Terri was watching this scene from the far end of the corridor.

Emma's office (which I think is the same space they've been using for the nurse's office). Terri enters to find Emma standing by the window, staring out forlornly at all the dirty, unhygienic nature. When Emma notices Terri, she carefully sneaks around the edge of her desk to that it's between the two of them. Terri says that since things have been so awkward, she just wanted to clear the air. Emma thinks that Terri's suggesting the kind of air-clearing in which people tell each other polite lies that make themselves feel better, and she offers her a seat. But Terri really just wants to tell Emma, "You have no chance with my husband. Do I make myself clear? Oh, you might think there's some kind of competition going on between you and I, but that's like saying that a nail is competing with a hammer." Or a pool with a lightning bolt. Emma: "Terri, Will is a good man. He's kind, and he's generous, and he deserves a lot better than you." I'm glad Emma has some backbone under all those pretty sweaters. Terri: "Look at you. You are so superior because you are nice to a man you see for an hour or two a day. You're just an innocent little dove, hmm? You're so innocent that you would steal a man away from his pregnant wife. Do yourself a favor, honey. Marry Ken Tanaka. Oh sure, he's dumb like sand, and his fondue pot of nationalities is gonna open your kids up to a host of genetic diseases, but he's kind. And he's generous. And he's available." And with that, she leaves. Commercials.

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