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Though not as perplexed as I am by what follows. Sue signs her name to a visitors' log, and I'll just come out with it: She's stopped by the adult care facility for Down syndrome patients in which her elder sister, Jean, has been living for an unspecified number of years. As Sue's on friendly terms with the nursing staff, they evidently see each other frequently, and on this particular visit, Sue's brought her sister a pair of Cheerios pom-poms along with Jean's favorite book -- Little Red Riding Hood -- from which Sue reads aloud, much to Jean's delight. Jane Lynch is, of course, fabulous in this scene, and because of that, I'm not entirely opposed to the showrunners exposing us all to Sue Sylvester's soft, squishy underbelly, despite the fact that I believe I've stated in the past that I was perfectly fine with Sue Sylvester being an irredeemable force of self-centered nature, but I am wondering: Why this, and why this now? And would the character this scene turns her into really keep that unhinged journal we've seen her writing in? Would the character this scene turns her into really be offering those bazoo op-ed pieces on the local news? Maybe yes to the latter, simply because Sue obviously needs the additional income to maintain Jean's current living arrangements -- which would also explain, in part, why she's so driven to have The Cheerios succeed at any and all costs; she indicated, after all, that her tenure was tied to The Cheerios' winning record -- but really to the former? Really?

Whatever. I'm sure I could hammer this into something resembling perfect sense were I given enough time, but I've got Artie's broken heart to attend to at the moment. For yes, gentle reader, Artie and T-T-T-Tina are having a playful little wheelchair date through the halls of the now-empty school, but it ends badly when T-T-T-Tina screws up her courage to admit she's simply Single-T Tina. She'd been faking the stutter, you must understand, ever since the sixth grade, because she didn't want to deliver an oral report on The Missouri Compromise, and she was shy, and the stutter made people think she was weird, so they left her alone, but she doesn't want to be left alone anymore. This sad little story of hers goes over about as well as one would expect, with Artie dumping her lying ass and wheeling off to nurse his hurt feelings while Single-T Tina looks miserable and depressed. I'd like to care, but given the fact this relationship lasted less than the length of a single episode, I don't, and besides, I've got Kurt's broken heart to attend to at the moment.

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